How to make pepper beef


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\”This is learned with a Korean friend. Delicious. Hehe \”
ingredients details
Main ingredients
  • Beef Affairs
Auxiliary materials


  • A moderate amount
  • [ 123]



  • Original flavor [ 123]

Stewing process

A few hours of time

    Simple difficulty

  • The practice of pepper beef
  • [ 123]


The beef is large, the palms are large, put it in the pot, add water and cold water.
  • 2

    Add soy sauce, don’t bear it. Ha ha. Add more (because you don’t need other seasonings, it’s not delicious if you add less).

  • 3

    Stew the beef for an hour and a half, fry the front and back of the pepper, and put it in the beef. Stew for half an hour. success.

  • Tips
    1, the third step can also be added with other vegetables. Tudou. Mushroom. all good. Ha ha

    2. I like to eat warm. More flavor. Especially when eating the next day. Taste better.

    3. I told again, don’t be reluctant to be soy sauce. (But don’t have too much, try it yourself) Hehe


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