How to make oyster sauce beef udon noodles -how to make oyster sauce beef Udon noodles


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\”I don’t like to eat pasta outside, National Day Shopping on Nanjing East Road, I happened to be hungry at the gate of Weijian, and I went in the sky to order the fried Winter Noodles, and I fell in love with the taste of this ship. I happened to see the Udon Noodles in the supermarket. Back 5 packs, I plan to change the pattern. This time I made oyster sauce and beef fried udon noodles. The taste is not bad. \”

The details of the ingredients

The main ingredients [123 ]

Udon Noodles

    A pack

  • Half root


  • Green Beil
  • Red Pepper One
  • Beef beef beef

  • One
  • Onion

  • Half




  • Black pepper powder
  • A moderate amount

  • Oyster sauce A moderate amount

Sauce flavor

Fried process

    Time takes time

  • Simple difficulty

  • Step of the practice of oyster sauce and beef Winter noodles


  • Prepare the materials. When I took a picture, I forgot to take the pepper and oyster sauce.

  • 2

  • Cut the carrots and onions into fine silk, green pepper and red pepper to remove the tendons, and cut it into it into it, and also cut it into it into it, and it is also cut into it. Fit, to be used. Cut the beef and simmer with boiling water.

  • 3

  • Beef stir -fry in the pan until the discoloration.

  • 4

  • The vegetables are stir -fry.

  • 5

  • Stir -fried vegetables until it is broken. Friends who like to eat raw and hard vegetables can stir more time, because I like to eat fried cooked points., So the frying time is a little longer.

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  • Put the Udon Noodles and use chopsticks to avoid broken noodles.Add salt, black pepper powder, oyster sauce, stir fry until the noodles become soft, and the soft color can be out of the pan.Generally fry for 2-3 minutes.

  • 7

  • Put out of the pan.This colorful Udon noodles are ready, eat it ~~~~

    There is no oyster sauce at home or does not like to eatFriends of oyster sauce can switch to soy sauce or old soy sauce

    Friends who like spicy food can put some Korean sweet and spicy sauce, but the taste is not the same.

  • After putting it in the Udon noodles, put a little boiling water, and put it in a little water.After stir -fry for 1 minute, add some water, so that it is easy to soften, and it can be more flavorful