How to make onion sweet peppers burst beef


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\”Smooth beef is my son’s favorite! He will go back to school after dinner, and wait for another week to go home! In order to satisfy his meat food! Haha! Make a large disc! \”
Ingredients details
Main ingredients
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Sweet Pepper

A moderate amount


A moderate amount

  • garlic A moderate amount
  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • ingredients
  • Soy sauce
  • A moderate amount


A moderate amount

Filter wine

A moderate amount

  • salt A moderate amount [
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  • [

  • [ 123]淀粉适量
  • 小苏打粉适量
  • 香油适量
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  • Salted and sweet flavor Burning process

Ten minutes time consumption

Simple difficulty

  • [ 123] Step of the practice of onion beef bursting beef

Prepare ingredients

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  • 2 洋葱甜椒爆牛肉的做法步骤:1 Slice the beef and marinate with soda powder for 5 minutes (can make the beef smooth)

  • 3 洋葱甜椒爆牛肉的做法步骤:2 Wash the chili, onion and cut strips, slices of ginger

  • 洋葱甜椒爆牛肉的做法步骤:3



  • Wash the marinated beef (wash the soda powder), drain the washed beef water, add cooking wine, ginger slices, soy sauce, salt, starch, oil and marinate 2O 2O 2O MM

  • 洋葱甜椒爆牛肉的做法步骤:4


    Pour the oil into the hot pot and pour the garlic explosionAfter the incense, then stir -fry the onion and sweet peppers

  • 洋葱甜椒爆牛肉的做法步骤:5

    Then dial the sweet pepper and onionGo to the side, then pour in beef stir -fry

  • 洋葱甜椒爆牛肉的做法步骤:6

    Fry the burst beef and sweet peppers, and then thenPut in the sesame oil to turn off the heat

  • 洋葱甜椒爆牛肉的做法步骤:7 8

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