How to make minced meat melon


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\” The Kaidu B7 steamed oven is steamed a bit of bitter gourd, sweet and beautiful, sweet but not bitter, refreshing and not greasy, after the meat filling into the aroma of bitter gourd, sweet flavor, delicious and nutritious. \”

ingredients Details

Main ingredients

Bitter Gourd

    1 root

  • Green pepper Half
  • ]

  • Pork filling A moderate amount
  • Auxiliary material


] Appropriate amount

  • A moderate amount
  • Wuxiang powder

  • Onion
  • Affairs

  • [123 ] Ginger A moderate amount
  • cooking wine A moderate amount
  • Light salt soy sauce A moderate amount
  • starch [starch

  • 123] A little
  • Oyster sauce A moderate amount
  • Original flavor
  • steaming process [123 ]

  • Ten minutes takes time Advanced difficulty

The method of minced meat biscuit gourd

  • 1
  • Wash the green pepper and bitter gourd, soak it in light saline for 10 minutes, the bitter gourd is best rubbed with flour, and then repeatedly clean it.

  • 2 肉末酿苦瓜的做法步骤:1 Clean the bitter gourd segment of the cleaning, remove the seeds and salt for 20 minutes, then clean it Clean, control the water or dry the water with the kitchen paper.

  • 3 肉末酿苦瓜的做法步骤:2 The prepared pork filling and salt are fully stir well, add green onion ginger, spiced powder, light salt soy sauce , Filter wine and oyster sauce are fully stir in one direction, and finally add an appropriate amount of oil to lock the water.

  • 4 肉末酿苦瓜的做法步骤:3 Half green pepper clean and chopped, add it to the pork filling and stir well. Can not be added.123]

  • 5
    Put the mixed green pepper stuffing into the prepared bitter gourd, each section is full.肉末酿苦瓜的做法步骤:4

  • 6
    The prepared bitter gourd is delivered to the steaming oven, select the pure steam function, 100 degrees 15 minutes, or you can or you can or you can or you can or you can or it.Put it in a steamer, steam the water for about 10 minutes, depending on the size of the bitter gourd section.肉末酿苦瓜的做法步骤:5

  • 7
    At the time, take out the steamed bitter gourd, pour the soup in the plate into the pot, and burn againAdd soy sauce, season with oyster sauce. You can add salt with heavy mouth, and then use wet starch to thin. You can drip a few drops of sesame oil.Cut some coriander and millet pepper, sprinkle on the bitter gourd, look good and season, and then pour the sauce you just made!肉末酿苦瓜的做法步骤:6


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