How to make mildew dried vegetables buckle meat


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\”In the morning, come out of the parking lot after stopping the car, see To a thick uncle selling pears on the side of the road. Hearing him that the pears were planted by himself, the family of Hongtang, I felt that the uncle was a locals, and I was very kind. I bought 4 pears and one person in the office. Seeing the uncle’s dried dried vegetables, I just wanted to eat this dish recently. It was quite clean to see the dishes. The uncle said that it was very clean. Prepare to eat barbecue at night, thinking about drooling. \”

ingredient details

Main ingredients

] Mold and dried vegetables

2.5 kg


1 kg

  • Auxiliary material
  • ]
  • Dried peppers

  • 3
  • Old Pump


Soy sauce


  • [
  • [

  • [
  • [

  • [
  • [ 123] June fresh soy sauce

  • A moderate amount

rock sugar

A moderate amount
  • sauce flavor [123 ] 霉干菜扣肉的做法步骤:1 Stewing process
    One hour takes time

    Simple difficulty

  • The method of dried dried vegetables buckle meat
    霉干菜扣肉的做法步骤:2 [ 123]

  • 1

  • Wash the pork belly, cut into a large square with large pieces.

  • 2

  • Soak the moldy dried vegetables, change the water a few more times, and make it cleaned.

  • 3

Put the oil in the pot, pour in the pork and fry it, the oil will splash, you can cover the lid to prevent burns from burning Pay attention to the heat. When you want to open the degree of fried, you can adjust the heat until the pork fried slightly yellow.

4 After adding old pumping, add dried dried vegetables after filtering water. Then add dried chili segments, rock sugar and water, boil the high heat for 10 minutes, pour the high -pressure cooker, add June fresh soy sauce, blow open for 10 minutes, and blow it for 15 minutes. Tips This dish is really too muchIt is delicious. Choosing mildew dried vegetables is the key. I remember that I had eaten this dish brought by my classmates when I was a kid. I have always missed it now. Today, I also made this taste. I am really happy.


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