How to make lamb sauerkraut casserole


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\”Lamb’s sauerkraut casserole, is a dish that husbands like. The casserole, a small test beef knife, and frozen tofu. One hour, poured three times. In fact, it can be 2 times. \”
ingredient details
Main ingredients


  • [ 123] Lamb slices about 200 grams
  • Sauergraphy 150 grams
  • Frozen tofu

  • 150 grams [
  • [ 123]

Auxiliary materials


    2 tablets

  • pepper A moderate amount
  • ]

  • octagonal A moderate amount
  • 鸳 贝 Full the bottom of the pot
  • Coriander [123 ]
  • ingredients



A little


  • Chicken Essence Affairs
  • Oyster sauce Affairs
  • slightly spicy flavor Casual pot process

A consumption of time

Simple difficulty

  • The method of lamb sauerkraut cassea


According to personal preferences, I like to use green onion ginger crickets. I didn’t take this step. If you like spicy mouth, you can put a little dried peppers.

  • 2

    Lamb tablets need to be used.

  • 羊肉酸菜砂锅的做法步骤:2

    After the stew cooker adds water, be careful not to be a casserole. Add sauerkraut and tofu, because frozen tofu and sauerkraut are stewed. (Pay attention to add fragrant octopus pepper) about half an hour.

  • 羊肉酸菜砂锅的做法步骤:3

    The bottom of the casserole is covered with shells, dripping fuel, salt and chicken essence, a little sugar, a little sugar, a little sugar ,stand-by.

  • 羊肉酸菜砂锅的做法步骤:4


    The stew cooker was stewed for half an hour, Import everything into the casserole, don’t be too full. After the pot is opened, put the lamb slices on the top layer.Note: Do not add cold water during the stew of the casserole.

  • 6

    Great merit, add coriander, I don’t put MSG!


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