How to make kidney bean noodles


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]

kidney beans


  • Pork
  • A moderate amount

  • Noodles According to the number of people [ 123]
  • Auxiliary material

Garlic Mince

    Onion [ 123] A moderate amount

  • Seasoning

Soy sauce

1 spoon



123] Edible oil

2 spoons

  • Semethy oil 2 spoons
  • Peccia large ingredients A moderation
  • [ 123]
  • Xianxiang flavor

  • Swing craft
  • Half an hour takes time

Ordinary difficulty

    [ 123] Step of the practice of kidney bean braised noodles

  • 1

Wash and cut the plates for later use.

  • 芸豆焖面的做法步骤:1 2

    The meat washed and sliced.

  • 芸豆焖面的做法步骤:2 3

    Noodles are cooked 6 mature, removed, rinsed with cold water, removed the water control, and prevent the noodles from sticking to it. Add an appropriate amount of peanut oil.

  • 4 芸豆焖面的做法步骤:3 Stir-fry to 5-6 mature water (water must be added according to the amount of noodles, the noodles are more, so as to Add more water).

  • 5 芸豆焖面的做法步骤:4 Add water, wait for the boil to boil into the noodles.

  • 6 芸豆焖面的做法步骤:5 Put the noodles and put the soy sauce, add an appropriate amount of salt, and then cover the lid.

  • 7 芸豆焖面的做法步骤:6 Finally leave a little soup, stir the noodles, put it in the minced garlic, and pour a little sesame oil to the pot to get out of the pan. Essence


  • Stir -fry the hot oil, then add an appropriate amount of ingredients, stir -fry the onion, then stir -fry the meat slices, add an appropriate amount of cooking wine soy sauce,Continue stir -fry, add the kidney beans after coloring, stir fry to 5 minutes, add water, water into the noodles, add an appropriate amount of soy sauce on it, cover the lid, and finally leave a little soup.Garlic minced, sesame oil can be poured out of the pan, (pay attention to the heat, it is too high to paste or stick the pan with a non -stick pan)


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