How to make iron plate cumin mutton


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ingredient details
  • Lamb 180g
  • Onion shred 50g

Auxiliary materials



  • MSG
  • 8 g

  • chili oil
  • 30g

  • Cuminis
  • 20g

  • Peppole powder
  • 20g

Cuminis flavor

Fried crafts

  • Ten minutes takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of iron plate cumin lamb
  • 1
    Choose the frozen mutton that brushes mutton to cut thin slices before the lamb did not melt the ice.

  • 2
    The cut lamb is used for use.

  • 3
    Heat the fire on the pot and add color tensile oil to pick up the icing lamb oil.Add the cut onion shredded pepper powder cumin to fry, pour the oil -made lamb and stir fry twice, add salt monosodium glutamate pepper oil and fry.


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