How to make homemade beef jerky


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\”The beef jerky sold outside is even as high as 100 yuan In a pound, most of them are 891 pounds. Every time I want to eat, I buy a pound and eat it.
and the meat is not guaranteed. For facts. Also, now some bad businesses can be done in order to benefit anything.
It is not the same as you do at home, buy meat yourself, clean it yourself, and season . \”
ingredient details
  • Beef A moderate amount
  • Chicken breasts A moderate amount

Auxiliary material


    A moderate amount

  • ] Wuxiang Powder
  • A moderate amount

  • Peppole powder
  • A moderate amount

  • pepper A moderate amount
] Ginger


  • Wuxiang flavor

  • Seasoning process

A few hours of time

Simple difficulty
  • The method of self -made beef jerky

  • 1

  • Wash the bought meat and soak in the water and soak the bleeding water.

  • 2

  • Cut the washed meat into slices (thickness according to your favorite level), and the seasonings are Put it in a piece of meat and stir well, and pickle for two hours.

  • 3

Put the marinated meat into the pot and steam it, and then lay the meat on the air dryer, It can be made into crispy beef jerky for about six hours ~ The taste is not a normal praise!

Tips Seasoning can be added according to your preference. Forgot to take a detailed map for beef jerky.


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