How to make green pepper pork filling dumplings


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[Start a manual cooking machine, which was sent to the bag The dumpling device can’t wait to experience it, so I thawed pork, the cooking machine mobilized the meat and vegetable filling, and the dumplings, and I didn’t eat it until the beginning of the lantern. Detail

Main ingredients




  • 300g [ [ 123]
  • Green Pepper

  • 200g
  • Auxiliary material

Peanut oil

A moderate amount [in moderation [ 123]

Seafood soy sauce

A moderate amount

  • Onion
  • salt

  • ] Thirteen incense Affairs
  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • slightly spicy flavor
  • [

  • [ [ 123] Cooking process

A few hours of time

Advanced difficulty

  • The practice of green pepper pork filling dumplings


At room temperature water and surface, cover with a wet cloth
  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:1


    Wash the green pepper to remove the seeds and sip into small pieces

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:2 Pink

  • 4
    Pork cut small pieces 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:3
    [ 123]


  • The cooking machine is broken into meat, ginger stir directly into the meat filling

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:4


    Put the meat filling in the container, add an appropriate amount of old soup, add a little bit of seafood soy sauce, stir well along one direction, let the meat filling fully absorb the old soup

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:5

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:6 ]

    Add onion, thirteen incense, pepper filling, peanut oil mixUniform

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:7



  • [
    123] 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:8 9

    The dumplings wrapped in the dumpling device are pretty good.

  • 10 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:9 Boil dumplings

  • 11 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:10 Out of the pot.


  • 1. Be sure to add less when regulating the meat, and the color of the taste is not heavy.
    2. Cook the dumplings. After the water is boiled, the dumplings enter the pan. After opening it, click the cold water again to get out of the pot. The dumplings are just right.青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:11


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