How to make green pepper pork filling dumplings


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\”The first time I tried this filling dumplings, Fragrance

Chili is rich in vitamin C, which can control heart disease and coronary arteriosclerosis, reduce cholesterol

contain more antioxidant substances, which can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases
[ 123] It can make the respiratory channel unblocked to treat cough, cold

When eating is not fragrant or reduced, putting some peppers in the vegetables can improve appetite and increase the amount of rice. Strongly promoting the role of blood circulation can improve symptoms such as fear of cold, frostbite, and vascular headache

It contains a special substance that can accelerate metabolism to achieve the significant effect of burning fat, thereby playing a weight loss effect.

This substance can also promote hormonal secretion, which has a good beauty and health care effect on the skin. It is the \”supplement\” of women

Most people can eat \”

] The details of the ingredients
Main ingredients
  • Green Beat 10
  • Pork A moderate amount [in mode 123]

Auxiliary materials


    A moderate amount

  • Ginger [123 ] Appropriate amount
  • ingredients

Soy sauce

A moderate amount


    A moderate amount

  • Chicken Essence
  • A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount


Salted and fresh flavor

  • Boil process
  • One hour consuming
  • Ordinary difficulty

  • Practice step

  • 1 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:1 Wash the green pepper, remove the seeds and chop the seeds




  • [

  • [ 123]

    Put the meat into meat meme

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:3


    Wash and chopped onion

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:4


    A moderate amount of ginger cut.123] Chop the meat with the smell of meat with the green onion ginger

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:5 6

    All materials add salt, chicken essence, peanut oil, soy sauce, soy sauceStir evenly in the same direction

  • 7 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:6 Plus warm water and dough for half an hour

  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:7


  • 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:8 8

    Put some dough and knead the growth bar

  • 9 青椒猪肉馅水饺的做法步骤:9 Press flat after cutting into a dough

  • 10

  • Roll it into a dumpling skin

  • 11

  • Pack into dumplings and cook it after being cooked


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