How to make fresh shrimp and pork wonton noodles


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\”Wonton is one of the more common pasta in Guangdong,每家的味道也各不一样。自己最喜欢吃的就是用活虾和猪肉一起做馅的云吞。味道非常鲜美,可是剥虾壳真的是一个超级麻烦的过程,所以即使爱吃,但Also do it very little. \”

ingredients details

    200 grams of pork

  • 200 grams
  • Shrimp

  • 150 grams
  • radish

  • A small intercept Wonton skin
  • 30 photos [123 ]

  • Noodles 200 grams

Light taste

Boil process

    One hour time consumption

  • Ordinary difficulty

  • The practice of fresh shrimp pork wonton noodles

[123 ]

  • Ginger onion cuts half a bowl of clear water and soak for 30 minutes into ginger green water.

  • 2

  • Cut the carrot into a filament for later use.

  • 3

  • Put of pork into minced meat, put a little salt, raw soy sauce, pepper, mix raw powder and marinate 10 and marinate 10 minute.

  • 4

  • Shrimp to remove the shrimp intestines, cut the shrimp head, peel the shrimp body into small diced salt, Mix the wine, pepper, mix well.

  • 5

  • Mix the ginger shallot water into the minced meat and stir, add the shrimp and mix well.

  • 6

  • Put the carrot wire in mixing and add a little sesame oil and mix well.

  • 7

  • Take a little meat filling on the wonton skin, roll up from the bottom side and pinch into a nurse hat shape.

  • 8

  • Put the noodles in the pot and boil it in the pan until it is broken, pick it up and put it on the public.In the bowl of the broth, then put the wonton into cooked.

  • 9

  • The cooked wonton is picked up and placed on the noodles.Just sprinkle with green onions.

    1) Put some salt and oil when cooking wonton, the skin is not easy to break, and it is not easy to stick.

  • 2) Boil of wonton is best to boil in a pan, boil the water and let it go. After the first cooking, add cold water and boil it again, so repeated three times.

3) Stir in the same direction in the same direction, add some oil, and make the filling.

4) Cut the shrimp into a diced, you don’t have to be chopped into fur, so as to keep the taste of the Q bomb of the shrimp.


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