How to make fennel pork brewing oil fruit fruit


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\”Fennels are rich in vitamins, carotene and fiber Vegetarian, can stimulate the nerve blood vessels of the stomach and intestines, has the effect of strengthening the stomach and qi. Northerners like to use fennel pork to make stuffed buns and dumplings. There are also fried or even stir -fry with eggs and minced meat. In the impression, it is always equipped with minced meat or eggs as soup. When I was a kid, my grandmother often had a cold stomach. After eating a meal of anise soup, I couldn’t help thinking of \”the stomach was so comfortable.\”

Anise is a seasonal product of winter. As the weather recovers, the trace of fennel coriander on the vegetable market is gradually scarce. One day I suddenly thought about it. Before the city, hurry up the opportunity to solve it, so the fennel pork brewed fruit was released. \”

ingredients details

The main ingredients


  • Pork
  • 150g

  • about 20
  • ]

Other flavors

Burning process

  • Timmer takes time
  • Simple difficulty

  • The practice of fennel pork wine oil and fruit


    Select 7 points thin 3 3] Fertilized pork, washed and chopped, add an appropriate amount of oil, starch, pepper, salt, sugar, raw soy sauce, and cooking wine. Use chopsticks to stir in one direction until vigorously.

  • 茴香猪肉酿油果的做法步骤:1


  • Fen Gardeniar picks old leaves, rooted, washed and chopped.

  • 茴香猪肉酿油果的做法步骤:2


  • Stir the chopped fennel with the marinated broken pork.

  • 茴香猪肉酿油果的做法步骤:3


  • Dip a small mouth with the thumb on the oil surface, press it inside, plug into the fennel pork meat filling filling.

  • 茴香猪肉酿油果的做法步骤:4


    Put the oil in the hot pot, stir -fry the oil after add Water, boil until the water is rolled, put on an appropriate amount of salt, raw soy sauce, cover the pot for about 8 minutes, and stir fry the juice until the amount of chicken essence can be picked up.

  • 茴香猪肉酿油果的做法步骤:5


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