How to make exquisite stewed rice cakes


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ingredients details


  • 500g
  • Beef elbow

  • 300g Niu stomach
  • 300g

  • radish 300g
  • [

  • [ [ [
  • [

  • [ [ 123]
  • Carrot

  • 200g
  • Beef

  • 100g Shiitake
  • 3

  • Ginkgo [Ginkgo [ 123] 10 grains
  • Egg 2
  • pine nuts 1 spoon

  • Water 10 cups
  • 1 cup
  • Onion

  • 2 small spoon
  • garlic

  • 1 small spoon Pepper noodles
  • A small amount

  • Sesame [123 ] 1 small spoon
  • ingredients

Soy sauce

6 spoons


white sugar

    3 spoons

  • Seated oil
  • 1 small spoon

  • Original flavor flavor Stewing process

Half -hour time consumption

Advanced difficulty

  • The practice of exquisite stewed rice cakes


Remove the black film of the beef stomach, wash the beef elbow meat, and pour 10 cups of water in the large pot. When cooking, put the radishes and carrots in the whole life until half of the life.
  • 2

    Cut the beef, then remove the soaked shiitake mushrooms, cut into strips and season with meat.

  • 3

    Cut the white rice cake into 5cm sizes, draw a knife print on the rice cake, and hot it in boiling water. After cooling out the cold, put on the meat adjusted with condiments.

  • 4

    Cut the radishes and carrots into about 4cm, cut the corner, and cut the cow’s elbow meat and beef stomach.

  • 5

    Put the ginkgo and peel it, the eggs are divided into egg white, fry it after the egg yolk, cut into a ball -shaped or bone -shaped shape.

  • 6

    Put the beef elbow, radish, carrot and stew in a flat pot, season with the sauce, add the condimentsThe broth is stewed with a large fire until rotten.

  • 7

    When the meat and vegetables are flavored, put the prepared rice cakes and sauce, simmer until there is almost no soup, and simmer it.When, add ginkgo and stew for a while.

  • 8

    After stewing in the bowl, put eggs and pine nuts on it.

  • 9

    The other two types of roasted rice cakes.

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