How to make eggplant potato shiitake mushroom meat rice


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\”Various meals ~~~\” [123 ]

ingredient details


    1 small bowl

  • ] Big Eggplant Half root
  • Little shiitake mushrooms 10 Duo
  • Tudou


Pork [ 123] A moderate amount

  • Auxiliary material
  • Oil Affairs
  • ] Soy Sauce
  • A moderate amount

Sauce flavor

Fried process

    Three -person bell time consumption [ 123]

  • Simple difficulty
    The practice of eggplant potato mushroom meat rice

  • 茄子土豆香菇猪肉饭的做法步骤:2 [123 ]


    Peel and cut the potato eggplant, cut the meat with small pieces, small shiitake mushrooms, and wash the rice.

  • 茄子土豆香菇猪肉饭的做法步骤:3


    Put the oil in the pot.

  • 茄子土豆香菇猪肉饭的做法步骤:4
    Then stir -fry the potatoes, eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, and fry the rice, fry the appropriate amount of soy sauce Down.

  • 茄子土豆香菇猪肉饭的做法步骤:5


    Pour the pressure cooker after fry, add an appropriate amount of hot water, and boil for about 25 minutes.


Out of the pot ~~

Tips [Tip [ 123] 1. In order to consume less oil, I did n’t use pork belly, so I used lean meat. If you want to be more fragrant, you can use fat meat. 2. Because of the eggplant, the amount of water can be slightly less than usual. The eggplant can be peeled or not. After the skin is peeled, the eggplant in the rice is basically invisible, and it is integrated into the rice.


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