How to make eggplant bags


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\”Vegetables are rich in vitamins, and various traces Elements and crude fiber, but some children do not like to eat, how can dietary imbalances grow healthily. Then we might as well change the style to let children like to eat vegetables. \”

ingredients details

[ 123]

Main ingredients


1000 grams

  • Yeast powder 2 grams
  • Cocoa Powder 6 grams
  • Eggplant
  • Pork

  • 260 grams cabbage Ye
  • 5 tablets

  • Auxiliary materials



Soy Sauce

1 spoon

  • Sweet Noodle Sauce 1 spoon
  • Xiangxiang 3 grams
  • Onion 1
  • Ginger A little
  • Vegetable oil

  • A moderate amount
  • [ 123] Salted fresh flavor
  • steaming process A few hours of time
  • Ordinary difficulty

Eggplant The method of the bag

  • 1

  • ordinary flour and yeast powder, appropriate amount , Waiting for fermentation.
  • 2
    Take a piece of dough just now, add cocoa powder, knead and wait for fermentation. 茄子包的做法步骤:1

  • 3
    Eggplant cuts small diced salt, pickle the water and squeeze out, cut the cabbage and pork, add ginger Sweet, onions, salt, oil, soy sauce, thirteen incense, sweet noodle sauce mix well. 茄子包的做法步骤:2

  • 4
    The dough is fermented, divided into large small dough. 茄子包的做法步骤:3

  • 5

  • Roll into the middle thickness, thin edges, put an appropriate amount of filling.

  • 6

  • Received down and shaped into eggplant -shaped.

  • 7

  • Use the cocoa dough to make the eggpig.

  • 8

  • combined into a whole, wake up for about half an hour.


  • After the water in the pot is boiled, put the buns in the buns, the fire rises for ten minutes, after the fire is on the fireSteam for 20 minutes (two layers) turn off the heat.

  • 茄子包的做法步骤:8


  • There are meat and vegetables, uniform nutrition, delicious and beautiful.

  • 茄子包的做法步骤:9

    1, the seasoning in the meat filling, just add the favorite way of making meat filling.

    2, after the eggplant bag is steamed, don’t turn off the pot immediately, simmer for 1 minute.


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