How to make curry beef rice


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ingredient details

Main ingredients


  • 200 grams
  • Tudou

  • 1
  • Carrot

  • 1 Water
  • 500ml

Auxiliary materials

Curry block

    A moderate amount

[ 123] Curry flavor

Boil process

    Timmer time takes time

  • Simple difficulty
  • The method of curry beef rice [123 ]

    Prepare ingredients. Beef is cooked, carrots and potatoes are washed and set aside.

  • 咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:1


  • Carrot and potato peel into about 2 cm, the carrot can be slightly smaller, soak in water to prevent oxidation.

  • 咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:2


    The carrot pieces are put into the pot for 2 minutes, and the water can Cooked.

  • 咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:3


    Cooked beef down the pot, pay attention to the heat, the carrots and potatoes can be cooked, without soft rotten.

  • 咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:4


    Add the curry block, 4 pieces of flavor will be more rich, you can add a little sugar to the flavor according to personal taste, you can add a little sugar to taste flavor. Essence

  • 咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:5


    Cook until the curry block melts. end.

  • 咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:6


    Turn off the heat, with the rice dress, the rest is to enjoy it!

  • 咖喱牛肉饭的做法步骤:7


    tip1: carrot and earthBeans can be boiled with water, or the soup of boiled beef, which will taste more rich.

    tip2: If you like light, you can put less curry blocks and season with salt.

    tip3: After a long cooking, the curry sauce will become thick, and you can master it according to your personal taste.