How to make cucumber shrimp dumplings


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]



  • Cucumber 500g
  • Shrimp 250g [
  • 123]

  • Pork 250g
  • Coriander
  • Auxiliary material
  • [


olive oil


White pepper


  • Sesame oil 10g
  • 123] Salt 10g
  • cooking wine 5g
  • Soy sauce 20g
  • Salted and fresh flavor

  • Boil process
  • A consumption of time

Ordinary difficulty

    Cucumber shrimp and ren dumpling dumplings Step of the practice

  • 1

ingredients: dough (or buy dumpling skin directly), cucumber, shrimp, pig Neck meat, coriander, seasoning (olive oil, white pepper, sesame oil, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce).

  • 黄瓜虾仁水饺的做法步骤:1 2

    Drit-cucumber shredded, cut coriander, add olive oil and mix well.

  • 黄瓜虾仁水饺的做法步骤:23

    肉馅-虾肉和猪颈肉切丁,加入芝麻油、料酒、酱油、盐、白Season with pepper and marinate for about 15 minutes.

  • 黄瓜虾仁水饺的做法步骤:3 4

    After the dumplings are prepared, mix the vegetable filling and meat filling evenly.

  • 5 黄瓜虾仁水饺的做法步骤:4 Then call all the friends and children at home. The stuffing is good).

  • 6
    After boiling the water, add the dumplings, be carefulMore, you can cook multiple times.After boiling the pan, add half a bowl of cold water, repeat three water after repeated water, and give out the dumplings.Continue to add raw dumplings to cook the second pot.黄瓜虾仁水饺的做法步骤:5

  • 7
    The dumplings that just came out of the pan are very hot. It is better to eat the esophagus after cooling.黄瓜虾仁水饺的做法步骤:6

  • 8

  • Too delicious ~!


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