How to make crystal shrimp dumplings


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]

Cheng Fan

    100 grams

  • 30 grams
  • salt 1 Gram
  • Botanical oil 5 grams
  • 150 grams
  • Auxiliary materials
Fresh shrimp

350 grams

    A small piece

  • Carrot [123 ] Appropriate amount
  • Onion A moderate amount
  • Jiang
  • salt

  • White pepper powder

  • A moderate amount
  • cooking wine

  • A moderate amount Sugar
  • A little

  • Light flavor
  • steaming process One hour time consuming
  • ordinary difficulty

Crystal Step of shrimp dumplings

  • 1
  • Preparation of filling, chop the shrimp into mud, the other half切小丁;


  • 先将猪肉馅、虾泥、姜、料酒、盐、白胡椒粉、 Mix sugar and stir in one direction;


  • Add the small diced carrot and onion, stir again;

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:2


  • Stir in one direction to the upper strength, cover the plastic wrap, put the refrigerator for refrigerated.

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:3


  • Shrimp dumpling skin method: first mix 100 grams of Cheng, 10 grams of raw powder, salt Add 150 grams of boiling water, and the other 20 grams of raw powder is temporarily put aside;

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:4


  • Stir into snowflakes with chopsticks while rushing;

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:5

    The process of stirring In the middle, try not to have dry noodles;

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:6


    Then cover it for 5 minutes

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:7

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:8


  • 9

  • Rub the hot surface while hot, add the remaining 20 grams of raw powder in portions;


  • Add 5 grams of oil and knead until the dough is smooth.

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:10


  • Cover with a wet cloth for 20 minutes, rub the dough to grow into a small dose [ 123]

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:11


    Roll it into a thin piece and print it into a round shape (too slow with the mold, later rolled hand -rolled hand -rolled hand -rolled handmade , Rolling is not very round, but you have to practice more before you can improve);

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:12

    Packing the filling into the filling of the fillings ;

  • 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:13

    Put the wrapped shrimp dumplings on the carrot slices in turn, boil the water in the pot, open the medium heat Steam for about 5 minutes.

  • Tips 水晶虾饺的做法步骤:14

    1. It is not recommended to put the entire shrimp, so it will be difficult to control the shape, and the shrimp kernels are swollen after heating, and it is easy to expand the skin and easily put the skin on the skin. Break.

    2. When the bag is, the size is similar, and you can’t put too much filling.

    3, shrimp dumplings should be eaten while hot.

    4. The filling is prepared according to the amount I want to pack. I wrap the remaining fillings with fresh shrimp.


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