How to make crispy beef meat pine


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\”This meat pine is for the baby of the girlfriend’s house. At less than one year old, I just started adding meat. Girlfriends require no condiments such as sugar, salt, soy sauce, etc., so make the original beef meat loose. In order to facilitate digestion and absorption, three jam procedures are used, one program is specially used, one program is specially used It is one hour and twenty minutes. The meat pine is very crispy, it is no longer silk -shaped but the meat is loose. The finished product is crispy, dry, and it is very suitable for the taste of the baby. Pork pine, you can see the quality of the beef meat pine for dozens of dollars per 10 yuan! \”

ingredients details



[ 123]

  • Beef 1700 grams
  • corn oil 50 grams

Auxiliary materials [ 123]



  • Xiangye 2 tablets
  • Bai Guo 1 One
  • Lilac 1
  • Guipi A little
  • 1 root [123 ] Ginger slices
  • A little

  • Original flavor
  • Other processes

A few hours of consumption consumed Time

Simple difficulty

  • The practice of crispy beef meat pine

[ 123]


Wash the beef, soak it in cold water for half an hour, and change the water twice in the middle.
  • 香酥牛肉肉松的做法步骤:1

    Prepare other seasonings.

  • 香酥牛肉肉松的做法步骤:2

    Beef cuts into large pieces along the texture.

  • 香酥牛肉肉松的做法步骤:3

    Pour the beef and all seasonings into the pot and add an appropriate amount of water. A program for beef and mutton bonds with stress.

  • 香酥牛肉肉松的做法步骤:4

    The cooked beef tears along the texture into small filaments.

  • 香酥牛肉肉松的做法步骤:5

    handed over to the bread machine.Pour the beef shreds into the bread machine, add about 50 grams of corn oil, and choose the three programs of the jam key.After a program is over, observe whether the meat pine is you want, and feel that you feel wet and another program.Until you are satisfied.

  • 香酥牛肉肉松的做法步骤:6

    The original beef flavor.Make the meat pine and keep it seal and save it.Put the frozen room with a fresh -keeping bag for a long time.