How to make chicken lotus roots soup_How to make chicken lotus root soup

\”Lotus root nutrition analysis
1. Clear heat and cool blood: Lotus root is cold and has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, which can be used to treat thermal disease; The blood is particularly good.

2. Poor diarrhea, spleen appetizer: Lotus root contains mucin and dietary fiber, which can be combined with the biliary acid, cholesterol and triglycerides in the food, so that to make the triglyceride in the food to make it to make the triglycerum of glycerin to make it to make it to make it to make the triglycerum of glycerin to make it to make it to make it to make the triglycerum of glycerin. It is discharged from the feces to reduce the absorption of lipids. Lotus root emits a unique fragrance, which also contains tannin, has a certain effect of strengthening the spleen and diarrhea, which can improve appetite, promote digestion, and appetite. Good, those with loss of appetite will return to health.
3. Bloody muscle: The nutritional value of 藕 is very high, rich in trace elements such as iron, calcium, and plant protein, vitamins and starch are also very rich. Blood and enhance the human body’s immunity. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine calls it: \”The master supplements the gods and nourishes qi.\” It can also cool blood and dispersal blood. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it stops bleeding without leaving stasis. It is a good food therapy for heat ledmia. \”

ingredient details

Main ingredients [ 123]

red dates

    A moderate amount

  • Lotus root A moderate amount
  • Chicken A moderate amount
  • Auxiliary materials

sesame oil

A moderate amount
  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • Salted fresh flavor

  • Stew 123] One hour takes time
  • Simple difficulty

The practice of chicken lotus roots soup

  • 1
  • Raw materials: lotus root, chicken, red dates, red dates, salt, ginger, sesame oil spare.

  • 2 鸡肉莲藕汤的做法步骤:1 Red dates, soak in cold water to foam.

  • 3 鸡肉莲藕汤的做法步骤:2 Peel the lotus root and cut into small pieces.

  • 4
    Ginger slices. 鸡肉莲藕汤的做法步骤:3

  • 5
    Chicken cut into small pieces.鸡肉莲藕汤的做法步骤:4

  • 6
    Chicken as spare.鸡肉莲藕汤的做法步骤:5

  • 7
    Add enough water to the soup pot, put in lotus root, chicken, red dates, ginger slices.鸡肉莲藕汤的做法步骤:6

  • 8
    Boil high heat and skim off the surface foam.鸡肉莲藕汤的做法步骤:7

  • 9
    Turn over low heat for 30 minutes, add an appropriate amount of salt, and drizzle with sesame oil.鸡肉莲藕汤的做法步骤:8


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