How to make cabbage fresh meat pot stickers


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Main ingredients [123 ]


  • 300g
  • Cabbage

  • 160g
  • 3

  • 3 [ 123]

Auxiliary materials

Soy sauce

1 small spoon

  • Wuxiang Fan 1/2 small spoon
  • Salt and chicken essence 1/2 small spoon
  • White sesame oil A moderate amount
  • ingredients

High tendon flour

350 grams
cold water

    100 Gram

  • Rolling water
  • 60 grams

  • salt
  • 1/4 spoon

  • [ 123]

  • Salted and fresh flavor Fry crafts

One hour takes time

Ordinary difficulty

  • Cabbage fresh meat pot stickers Step of practice


Pork chopped into mud.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:1


    Add 20 ml of water to the meat filling.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:2


    Stir in one direction, add 20 ml of water, stir, repeat 3 times.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:3


    The mixed meat mud becomes more sticky and the color is lighter.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:4


    Put the meat filling, still stir in one direction. Stir the meat filling and refrigerate.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:5


    Cabbage chopped, washed, and controlled water.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:6


    Take out the meat mud from the refrigerator, mix it with cabbage, chop the shallots and mix with cabbage and meat.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:7 8

    Stir well.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:8 9

    Finally add a little white sesame oil. Stir well, the meat filling is ready, put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:9 10

    Add cold water to the flour, stir well, then add hot water along the edge of the containe Stir with a rolling pin, and finally knead into a dough.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:10 11

    Cover with a wet cloth for 20 minutes, rub it for a while, and then 饧 20 minutes.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:11 12

    The good noodles were rubbed easier and round.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:12 13

    Then rub the growth strips.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:13 14

    divide the long dough into two copies.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:14 15

    Roll it into slender strips respectively.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:15 16

    Small the long noodle dough into a small dose of about 20 grams.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:16 17

    Take one, press it with your hands.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:17 18

    Roll the rolling pin while rolling, roll out a pot of a pot.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:18 19

    Take out the meat filling from the refrigerator and put the appropriate amount in the center of the dough.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:19 20

    The mouth is sealed. Do not pinch on both sides of the corner too tight, leave some gaps. We don’t have the kind of pot sticker on both sides.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:20 21

    Put the wrapped pot code in the pot.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:21 22

    Put two spoons of edible oil, turn on fire, fry for 1-2 minutes after oil heat.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:22 23

    Pour a small bowl of water, turn a small fire, cover the pot.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:23 24

    about 8 minutes, open the pot, turn the fire.

  • 全手工圆白菜鲜肉锅贴的做法步骤:24 25

    Fry it for about 2 minutes, dry the water, and leave the pot with a little oil.You can sprinkle some green onions or black sesame to add fragrance.


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