How to make black pepper oil -consuming beef shreds_How to make black pepper oil -consuming beef shreds


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\”Beef, people all over the world love to eat

Beef protein has high content, low fat content, and delicious taste. The name of \”arrogant in the meat\”
In ancient times, there was the saying of \”beef nourishing qi, merit with astragalus\”.
The winter is coming
Let’s warm up ourselves
Come a piece of black pepper oil -consuming beef shreds

calories: 355 big card
Share: two people \”

ingredients details

Main ingredient


  • Soda powder A little

egg white

A egg


One teaspoon

  • A little
  • Ginger silk

  • a little
  • ingredients
  • Oil A little
  • [

  • [ 123] Black pepper powder A little

A little



  • salt salt salt 4G
  • Salted fresh flavor

  • Stir -frying process
  • Two minutes take time

  • [ 123] Ordinary difficulty
  • The method of black pepper oil -consuming beef shreds
[ 123] 1

    Cut the beef into a filament of about 5-6 cm, and then put the soda powder, salt, egg white, starch, red wine in the beef shreds and stir evenly for later use

  • [ 123]
  • 2
  • Wash and cut Hangzhou pepper

    3 [ 123] The oil in the pot is hot to 40 % of the heat. After pouring in the beef shredded, quickly slipped with chopsticks. When the shredded surface is just changed, remove and drainOil spare

  • 黑椒耗油牛肉丝的做法步骤:1


  • Leave a little base oil in the pot, add green onion, ginger shredded, and oil consumptionRaw soy stir -fry

  • 黑椒耗油牛肉丝的做法步骤:2


    Pour in the beef shreds and stir -fry evenly, add Hangzhou pepper toSprinkle the right amount of black pepper powder and stir -fry

  • 黑椒耗油牛肉丝的做法步骤:3


    [Dietary Tips] Select the beef back, waist, hip and backward partsBeef is better, avoid choosing beef with many fascia

    [Slimming Ding Ding] The calories per 100 grams of beef are 125 calories. The beef is not only low in calories, low fat content, high protein content, and also has the effect of warm up the stomach and blood, and the effect of nourishing blood and blood.It is a good product for winter, and it is the first choice for the weight reduction.