How to make black pepper beef grains_How to make black pepper beef grains

\”The black pepper beef grains that are super meals are not difficult. It is a fast -serving food suitable for office workers. As long as the beef is marinated in advance, it will be served for ten minutes after work.\”

Ingredients details
Main ingredients
  • Beef 1 piece


123] Accessories

  • Carrot A moderate amount
  • Jiaojiao

  • A moderate amount Onion ginger [ 123] A moderate amount
  • Edit oil A moderate amount
  • Salt A little
  • Filter wine

  • A moderate amount [ [
  • [

  • [ [ [
  • 123]

  • Lao Pan A little
  • Black pepper powder A little
Hot and sour Taste

  • Fried process
  • Timmer time time takes time
  • Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of black pepper beef grains


[ 123]

  • 黑椒牛肉粒的做法步骤:1 1


  • 黑椒牛肉粒的做法步骤:2 2

    Cut the beef into small pieces, put salt, water, black pepper, corn starch, stir in one direction to the meat to the meat to the meat Absorb all the soup.

  • 黑椒牛肉粒的做法步骤:3 3

    Put the beef and stir -fry.

  • 黑椒牛肉粒的做法步骤:4 4

    After the beef is frying until white, cook the cooking wine and put onion ginger.

  • 黑椒牛肉粒的做法步骤:5 5

    After the onion ginger is fried, put the carrot and green pepper.

  • 黑椒牛肉粒的做法步骤:6 6

    Put old soy sauce, black pepper, salt, add a little water.

  • 黑椒牛肉粒的做法步骤:7 7

    Fry until the soup is dry and turn off.

  • Tips

Beef must be cut against texture, otherwise the taste will be hard. It is best not to use egg whites on the beef, and it is easy to have foam when the beef was lit with oil.


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