How to make black fungus fried meat slices


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\”Black fungus can reduce blood clots, prevent thrombosis, etc. The occurrence of disease has the effect of preventing atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. It contains antitumor activity, which can enhance the body’s immunity, and regularly consumption can prevent cancer and anti-cancer. The taste is delicious, rich in nutrition, and can not only add style to Chinese dishes, but also can nourish blood, which makes people rosy, radiant, and can prevent iron deficiency anemia and other drugs. , Moisturize the lungs, nourish the brain, light body, cool blood, stop bleeding, astringent intestines, blood circulation, strong aspiration, nourishment and other effects. \”

ingredients details
Lord Material
Black fungus

    200 grams

  • Pork 150 grams



10 grams


  • 5 grams [ 123] Peanut Oil
  • 30 grams

  • Salt
  • 2 grams

  • Cooking wine 15 grams
  • Swear [ 123] 5 grams
  • Old Pump 5g
  • MSG 2 grams
  • Salted and fresh flavor

  • Fried process
  • Timmer takes time

Ordinary difficulty

    Black fungus fried Step of meat slices

  • 1

Wash the pork first.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:1 2

    Cut into a thin piece.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:2 3

    Wash the fungus and soak it with water to soft.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:3 4

    Put it in hot water.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:4 5

    Meat with cooking wine and starch with hands.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:5 6

    Put oil in the pot, stir -fry in the meat slices.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:6 7

    Fry the meat to change the color, add the onion, ginger and stir fry.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:7 8

    Pour in cooking wine, old soy sauce, raw soy sauce and stir -fry.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:8 9

    Put the fungus and stir -fry and stir -fry evenly.

  • 黑木耳炒肉片的做法步骤:9 10

    You can enjoy it.


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