How to make beef stuffing pots

\”Winter is a good season for nourishing. Give children more beef, high protein, low fat, delicious and nutritious, the most suitable for winter tonics, it is delicious to do. Recommend a fast -handed breakfast pot, a very delicious breakfast The staple food, the outer coke is tender, the fragrance is not greasy, the top is full and resistant to the hunger, nutrition and nourishing, suitable for everyone, children should eat more, strengthen the body and do not have meat, but also enhance resistance. \”


ingredients details

Main ingredient



  • Carrot 1 root
  • Celery

  • A moderate amount
  • [ [ [
  • [

  • [ [
  • [




    A moderate amount

  • salt A moderate amount
  • Wuxiang Wuxiang Fan A moderate amount
  • white sugar A moderate amount
  • White pepper powder

  • A moderate amount Nickname
  • A moderate amount

  • Cooking wine
  • A moderate amount

  • Oyster sauce
  • A moderate amount

  • Lao Tang
  • ] Onion 1
  • Ginger 1
Salted fresh flavor

    [ 123] Crane

  • Ten minutes takes time

  • Advanced difficulty

  • The method of beef stuffing pot step
  • 1 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:1 Prepare ingredients: golden fish dumplings special wheat wheat flour, dumplings are still great, do not break the skin, taste strong, thin skin filling big. Select the lipsticks of the beef, twisted with the meat grinding machine, prepare a little celery, and wash it.

  • 2 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:2 Add an appropriate amount of water and dough with flour, cover it with plastic wrap. If you use it the next morning, put it in the refrigerator refrigerator.

  • 3 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:3 Mix beef filling: Add an appropriate amount of salt to the meat filling and stir well. Many people add salt later In fact, adding salt can play a role in sterilization. Add BaiSugar, white pepper powder, spiced powder, raw soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, stir well in one direction; then add the old soup multiple times, continue to stir in one direction. Soup, finally add an appropriate amount of oil to continue to stir in one direction. The purpose of the final refueling is to lock the soup absorbed in the meat filling, and then put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

  • 4 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:4 Cut the celery and chop it, remove the water, wash the green onion and ginger Stir well in the meat filling.

  • 5 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:5 Peel and wash the carrot, chop, mix into the meat filling, stir well, the dumplings filling Ready.

  • 6 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:6 Kneading a good dough and growing bars, evenly divided into a number of portions, rolled into a cake, wrapped in the stuffing , Can be wrapped into dumplings, pinching the edges in full, can also be wrapped into a pot, leaving the mouth on both sides.

  • 7 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:7 Today, the children want to eat a pot, bake a pot first, super delicious. The electric cake pan brushes the oil, the wrapped pot is branded into the pot, covered with the pot and the fire is on the fire, and the heat is 2 minutes.

  • 8 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:8 Open the lid, add half a bowl of water, cover the lid and simmer for 1 minute to make the beef fill.

  • 9 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:9 Open the lid, collect the water, sprinkle some garlic seedlings, look good and taste.

  • 10 牛肉馅锅烙的做法步骤:10 Put out of the pan.