How to make beef stewed radish_How to make beef stew radish


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\”I have been concerned about the food square for 2 years, the housewife is the most the most housewife The problem of headache is to cook for my family today. It is the experts in the food square that let me solve the problem of this headache. Now I have developed a habit to browse the food square.

This radish stewed beef is funny. I like to eat the most. When I was teasing, I watched Crayon Xiaoxin when I saw Xiaoxin’s mother cooking beef, so I talked about eating, so I could say that I learned from Xiaoxin’s mother at first. Of course Later, Xiaoxin missed the juice. I was improved, haha, this is my first virgin show. I hope everyone likes (^o^)

The ingredients details [ 123]

Main ingredients


    500 grams

Auxiliary materials

White radish


  • Affairs
  • [ 123] ingredients

Red dates


  • Salt
  • A moderate amount

  • Ginger
  • 1 piece

  • Purvey
  • Soy sauce 2 spoons [ 123]
  • Dry peppers A moderate amount
  • Onion A moderate amount
  • micro Spicy flavor
  • Stewing process A few hours of time

Simple difficulty

The practice of beef stewed radish


  • 123]
  • 1

Soy sauce, rice wine, salt, red dates, dried pepper, ginger, rock sugar

  • 2 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:1 Beef, white radish, carrots, shallots

  • [ 123] 3

  • 1. Boil the water in the pot. Put the beef with water with water

  • 4

  • 2. Put the fried beef into the casserole, add ginger, rice wine, white sugar, red dates.1 hour


  • 3. Cut the white radish, cut the carrot into the casserole

  • [牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:4

  • 6

  • 4. After the radish is put in, turn the cooked beef on the radish below, so that the beef flavor is thoroughly penetrated into the radish, and the heat is burned slowly to the heat to the heat to the heat to the heat.Radish is cooked., About 15 minutes


  • Stew it and sprinkle with green onions, really fragrant

  • 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:6



  • The beef is cooked.Although the Dao vegetables have been cooked for a long time, the operation is simple. During the stew, the unique fragrance of the beef will diffuse the entire room. I usually stew more.123]