How to make beef stewed radish_How to make beef stew radish


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When you are listed, stew some beef, eat a bowl hot, it will always feel very warm, especially drinking some beef soup, it is really delicious, a bowl of rice will be eaten a few times. \”
ingredient details
Main ingredients
  • Bee ] Accessories

White radish


  • [123 ]
  • Onion

A moderate amount

Cooking wine

A moderate amount

    A moderate amount

  • Ginger
  • A moderate amount

  • Salted fresh flavor
  • Burning process

  • Simple difficulty

The practice of beef stewed radish

  • 1

  • Preparation materials, beef, white radish, shallots, ginger, etc.

    white radish cut Roll the knife block, let the water be spare

  • 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:1


    Beef beef water for spare

  • [ 123] 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:2

    The hot oil in the pot, the onion, ginger, peppercorns, and the ingredients are fragrant

  • 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:3

  • ] 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:4


    Stir -fry the beef, add an appropriate amount of cooking wine

  • 6 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:5 Heating water has not passed. Beef, stew for 30 minutes

  • 7
    Add white radish, continue to simmer for 20 minutes 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:6

    [ 123]

  • 8

  • Add pepper, add pepper,Chicken Essence


  • Add an appropriate amount of salt

  • 牛肉炖萝卜的做法步骤:8

    Tips [tip

    1. White radish can be removed to remove the spicy taste of radish

    2. If you want to be familiar, you can simmer with a high -pressure cooker


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