How to make beef stewed persimmons


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\”Beef persimmon potato soup ~ baby evaluation B level, because I feel too oily [EM] E100020 [/em] Now Haoyue has too many split meat bands. Drinking it and evaluating the soup for the soup, I think the taste of the soup is very good [em] E100020 [/em] coincides with the coincidence My Xiao Lan opened another one, this time, I was wondering if it was open according to the flowers of the plant, I didn’t understand it anyway. Last night I was lazy a little [em] E100020 [/em]. The soup was pushed to lunch. When the daughter came back, she shouted, \”Mom quickly help me undress! ”有一种冷就是“你妈以为你很冷”[em]e100020[/em][em]e100021[/em]喝点热乎乎的牛肉汤这寒冷的冬天顿时暖和了。土豆”

[ 123]

ingredients details

Main ingredient 123] 1000 grams


  • Auxiliary materials

  • Coriander 1


5 grams


5 grams
  • ]
  • Sweet and Sweet flavor Stewed process
  • One hour takes time Simple difficulty
  • ] Step of the practice of beef stewed persimmons


The beef I use is Haoyue’s division of meat, the eight brain is compared with Make more soups, chewy, and beauty. Cut the meat into pieces and simmer the blood with water. Then press the pressure cooker for 10 minutes for later use. Peel the potatoes, wash and cut into pieces.

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  • The most important thing about this dish is the tomato sauce copied. I usually use many tomatoes. In order not to lose the tomato juice, I used a deep plate and then cut the tomatoes with a small fruit knife into a broken diced. Pour the hot pot and pour the tomato diced and stir -fry the lid.

  • 牛肉炖柿子的做法步骤:2


    Pour the beef pressed by the ketch sauce and pour the beef in the stress cooker into the stir -fry pot and stir fry for a while to add an appropriate amount. After the soup is opened, add an appropriate amount of white sugar chicken essence, and the potato block covers medium heatJust simmer the soup and add salt and add an appropriate amount.The soup is dotted with coriander.The hot soup is one of the four major stews in the Northeast.Every family may have its own taste.The tomato sauce fried by myself is absolutely added and healthy.


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