How to make beef puree

牛肉泥 的做法

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\” It is only enough for the baby to consume 4-6 months, so the earliest baby food supplementary food that is added must be iron-rich foods, such as baby nutrition rice noodles, lean meat, liver, etc.

Today introduced beef with high iron, beef, beef, beef, beef, beef, beef, beef The method of mud, the practice of chicken and pork is enough to look at this article. The iron in the beef, the protein content is high, and the fat content is low. The beef also contains sufficient vitamin B6 to help you enhance immunity. At the same time The zinc and magnesium contained in the contained help synthesize protein and enhance muscle strength.
Reference monthly age: 6-10m+
This recipe has supporting videos, which can be viewed in the WeChat public account \”one day for five meals and supplementary food\” [123 ] I am a national child nutritionist who is familiar with the healthy dietary needs of infants and young children, and is proficient in cooking. ] WeChat public account: Five meals a day for complementary foods. Accompany you through the nutritional auxiliary food. \”

ingredients details

[ 123]


A moderate amount

    Other flavors

  • Boil process
  • Half -hour time consumption

Simple difficulty

  • The practice of beef puree


ingredients: Moderate amount of beef (choose a thin part, such as the inner or lid of the hind leg belly)

  • 牛肉泥 的做法步骤:1 2

    Remove the white tendon film of beef, do not buy beef with many fascia when you buy it. Cut the beef into diced and boil it in water (you can put onion ginger or not to put it), remove the floating foam.

  • 牛肉泥 的做法步骤:2 3

    Boil 30-40 minutes or the pressure cooker for about 15 minutes, cooked beef diced beef soup with just now Add the supplementary food machine and beat it into beef puree. If the soup is added here, the beef puree will be very delicate. Tips: Chicken puree pork and beef puree are the same practice, but chicken and pork are easier to cooked than beef when cooking in the pot, and the time can be shortened by 10 minutes.

  • 4 牛肉泥 的做法步骤:3 Remove the weight you wantDon’t be delicate, with a silk fiber but not large. Such beef puree is suitable for babies for more than 8 months.

  • 5 牛肉泥 的做法步骤:4 Add the supplementary food box.

  • 6 牛肉泥 的做法步骤:5 After the freezing molding, the mold is made of fresh bags. The reason why the supplementary food box is frozen into a small one. When you eat it next time, you only need to take one or two to avoid all heating. There is also a mother asking how many food boxes to buy, a set of refrigerated supplementary food boxes+frozen supplementary food boxes 1-2, it is enough. The supplementary food can be taken off for more than 4 hours. Then make a new mud food supplementary food box and recycling.


  • This recipe has supporting videos, you can view in the WeChat public account \”Five Meals of One Day\”
    I am a place National nutritionist, familiar with the healthy dietary needs of infants and young children, proficient in cooking, 牛肉泥 的做法步骤:6 Baby picky eaters, anorexia, do not like to eat?

    How to supplement calcium iron zinc selenium? Tongtong will help you solve it.

    WeChat public account: five meals a day and supplementary food. Accompany you through the nutritional auxiliary food road.


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