How to make beef pickles fried rice


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\”pickles fried rice, childhood memories! , The salty fragrance is satisfied, coupled with a bowl of beef and citrus soup, simple meal! \”

ingredient details

[ 123]


    A small amount

  • Half of the carrot
  • Four Seasons Dou Affairs
  • [ 123]

  • pickles A moderate amount
  • A small amount
  • Dry mushroom

  • A small amount
  • [

  • [ [ [
  • [

[ 123]



    A moderate amount

  • salt A moderate amount
  • [ 123] Raw Fan Affairs
  • Salted flavor

Fried process

    Ordinary difficulty

  • The practice of beef granules fried rice

  • 牛肉粒咸菜炒饭的做法步骤:1


    Prepare ingredients: Cut a small amount of beef into diced, add an appropriate amount of salt, oil, and raw powder for a while, and the taste will be tender.

  • 牛肉粒咸菜炒饭的做法步骤:2

    Prepare ingredients: half -rooted carrots with the right amount of four seasons beans, washed and cut into diced, set aside.

  • 牛肉粒咸菜炒饭的做法步骤:3

    Prepare ingredients: moderate pickles, a small amount of sour beans, wash them first, and then soak water (because the pickles are vegetables are vegetables, because the pickles are vegetables My own pickled is relatively salty, so you can soak the water first, reduce the salty taste of pickles), and then chop it into diced and set aside.

  • 牛肉粒咸菜炒饭的做法步骤:4

    Prepare ingredients: a small amount In the bowl, add a little salt and oil to marinate and set aside.

  • 牛肉粒咸菜炒饭的做法步骤:5

    Fry: Fry these ingredients each other, only add an appropriate amount Finally fry, fry until the discoloration will be changed for a while, then pour the rice into the wok, stir -fry evenly,Pour all the side dishes, stir -fry evenly, and you can get out of the pot.


Pay attention to grasping the amount of salt, because there are many side dishes, so you can put a small amount of salt in each kind of salt.You can also put a little more.If you don’t like sour beans, you can also remove this side dish directly.


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