How to make beef hand rolling noodles_How to make beef hand rolling noodles


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]


    1 piece

  • flour 300g
  • Tomato 1 [123 ]
  • Auxiliary materials



Shanghai Qing [ 123] 5 pieces

  • salt 10g
  • Pepper section A moderate amount
  • Pepper particles 5g [123 ]
  • White Sugar

  • 3g
  • 1

  • Ginger
  • A moderate amount

  • ] Garlic

  • A moderate amount

Sour and salty flavor

Boil process

    Time takes time [123 ]

  • Ordinary difficulty
  • The practice of beef hand rolling noodles


Take a basin, about a small bowl of weight (because one person eats). Put in an egg, put about 3 grams of salt, add water to stir with chopsticks into granular, rub it with your hands, and cover it with a wet rag to prevent drying.

  • 2

    While waking up, wash the tomatoes and cut the small pieces, wash the green onion, cut the green onion, cut the ginger shred , Cut the garlic into particles.

  • 3

    Wake up for about twenty minutes and put it on the panel, add the flour and rub it for a while, and press the flat, use a rolling pin Roll to about two millimeters thick, then fold up, cut into noodles with a knife.

  • 4

    Wash the pan and open the heat. When there is no water in the pot, add oil, add pepper to the sautéry, put the peppercorns After removing the grains, put on the green onion ginger and garlic, then stir -fry the tomato, add sugar, stir -fry the juice of 7g of salt, add the sauce of braised beef, pour in boiling water and boil.

  • 5

    The pot is boiledAfter that, put it in the noodles and cook it in the bowl. Put the vegetables into the bowl, cut the beef into the bowl, pour in the sauce soup of the braised beef, and put it in the onion.OK

  • Tips

    1/and noodles to add eggs and salt to make the noodles more gluten, and water should be added again and again, and the water needs to be added again and again.If you fall in, the surface will be too soft, and the light (pot light, smooth face, hand light), be sure to cover the wet rag to wake up the noodles, otherwise it will be dried. Sprinkle some flour when rolling to prevent sticking.

    2/Put the peppercorns of peppercorns, and the mouth of the peppercorns will be more delicious. Put sugar to fried tomato juice.

3/Don’t put too much salt, because I use the sauce of marinated beef, which is already salty.


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