How to make beef green bean carrot dumplings


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\”Dumplings, take out my house for more than 100 years The dumpling artifact -a rolling pin, light up, with her, the dumplings are not described! Make dumplings with friends, and I have the noodle stuffing and rolling skin. My friend is responsible for packing. The filling of the taste is always worried, hey, the result is really good! Beef with bright colors: green beans, corn, carrots, the value of the 😄 is really good. Remember, you must listen to the radio bag when making dumplings, you must listen to the radio bag, This will have the warm feeling of parents. \”

ingredients details


    1000 grams

Auxiliary materials

green beans

200 grams

  • ] Fruit corn 1
  • Carrot Half
  • 1
  • Salt A little
  • Ginger powder A little
  • Smooth
  • Black pepper

  • A little
  • Oil

  • A little
  • Salted fresh flavor
  • cooking process

[ 123] One hour takes time

Simple difficulty

  • The practice of beef green bean carrot dumplings
  • ]


    and noodles, suitable for soft and hard, prepare dumplings when waking up.

  • 牛肉玉米青豆胡萝卜饺子的做法步骤:2


    Meat filling: large pieces of beef spine, put in the cooking machine, add eggs, soy sauce, black, black, black, black Pepper, ginger powder, salt, quickly hit for 30 seconds, it will be OK, give up, add oil, stir clockwise, marinate, and start preparing vegetarian filling.

  • 牛肉玉米青豆胡萝卜饺子的做法步骤:3
    Preparation of vegetarian filling: carrot half -rooted diced, fruit corn cutting with knife, 200 grams of green beans, 200 grams of green beans, 200 grams of green beans Stand -up; began to simmer the water separately. Note that the salt must be placed in the water, and the cold water must be used. Only in this way can the color brightness of the vegetarian filling be kept.

  • 4

    Mix a little salt with a little salt and meat filling. Be sure to add some oil to wrap the filling to better lock the color of the vegetarian filling.Adjust the fillings carefully and forget to take pictures.The noodles are reconciled, the filling is adjusted, and the huge project is half completed. Okay, start making dumplings!

  • 5

    Dumplings: Roll the skin, I am a hand, you can roll a skin, you wrap a dumpling, rememberWhen making dumplings, be sure to listen to the radio, because parents are like this.

  • 6

    Boil dumplings: When the water is boiled, add cold water, push the bottom of the pot with a spoon, cover the lid with the lidAfter the water comes, add cold water, so, the vegetarian dumplings plus three times of cold water, the meat filling dumplings plus the cold water four times, and the dumplings can be out of the pot.Remember to drink dumplings, you must drink dumplings soup.


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