How to make beef fried sauerkraut

\”Delicious meals, home -often, simple and easy to make.\”

Main ingredients

  • Beef A moderate amount
  • Sauerkraut A moderate amount

Auxiliary materials


    A little

  • Affairs
  • A little
  • ] Marina
  • Soy sauce
  • A little

  • Pepper A little

Peanut Oil

A little

  • raw powder
  • A little

  • Xianxiang flavor

Stir -fried process

Time time takes time
Ordinary difficulty

  • The practice of beef fried sauerkraut 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:1

  • 1 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:2 Prepare the ingredients: As shown in the figure, the sauerkraut has been fried and dried.

  • 2 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:3 Beef sliced, cut green garlic leaves, garlic white diagonal knife cut, ginger cut.

  • 3 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:4 Put the beef marinade and marinate for 15 minutes.

  • 4 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:5 Put the ginger in the hot pot and stir -fry the garlic.

  • 5 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:6 Put beef and stir fry until discolored.

  • 6 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:7 As shown in the figure, you can first shovel out.

  • 7 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:8 Then put the sauerkraut in high heat and stir fry for a while.

  • 8 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:9 Point sugar stir -fry evenly (sauerkraut has salty flavor).

  • 9 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:10 Put the garlic leaves for a minute.

  • 10 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:11 Then stir -fry the beef back.

  • 11 牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:12 As shown in the figure, the delicious meals are completed.

  • 12
    finished map.牛肉炒酸菜的做法步骤:13

  • 13

finished map.