How to make beef fried pineapple_How to make beef fried pineapple

\”I used to think that pineapple and pineapple were one thing, but different places were different. Later, through the pineapple incident and online netizens, they explained and explained in graphics. It is reflected in the place, one is the surface nail, the other is the leaves, the author is stupid, and it will only distinguish the leaves. The edges of the leaves are smooth as pineapple, and there are jagged as pineapples. You can check it on Baidu. I won’t go into details. We all sold pineapples here, as if they came from Puerto Rico. The price was very cheap. I was greedy. I bought one of them a week and found that they were soft when they were eaten. Feeling.

Cantonese people like to use pineapple or pineapple into dishes, such as pineapple (pineapple) fried duck, fried beef, fried meat slices and fried rice. Very popular, this time I opened a pineapple to stir -fry beef, which is really delicious and rice. \”

ingredients details

Pickled beef [Pickled beef [ 123]


  • About 150 grams
  • 1/4 spoon

  • corn Powder
  • 1/2 spoon

  • Eater
  • 2 big spoons

Auxiliary materials


about 200 grams

  • Little Red Pepper 1
  • Little Orange Pepper 1
  • Onion 1/4
  • Onion shred 1 pinch
  • Ginger slices 1 Small punch
  • Beil silk 1/2 amount
  • Pineapple soaked

1/2 spoon
  • Stir -fry on the pan

[ 123] Salt

1/2 small spoon

white sugar

1/4 spoon

  • Pepper 1/3 spoon [123 ]
  • Salted and fresh flavor

  • Fried process
  • Three -person bell time consumption

Advanced difficulty [ 123]

    CowStep of the practice of meat fried pineapple

  • 1

Beef slice into a container, first add about 150 grams of beef, first add about 150 grams of beef, The baking soda 1/4 spoon, grab it until the feel is thick. If it feels too dry, you can add 1 spoon of water first, grab the water to be absorbed, and feel a little dry. Add 1 spoon of water. Add too much, then 1/2 spoon of corn starch, grab it evenly, add oil at the end, grab it for 30 minutes. If you put the refrigerator overnight, it is better.

  • 牛肉炒凤梨的做法步骤:1 2

    Cut pineapple, small red peppers, small orange pepper onions, ginger slices, pepper, onion shred Essence

  • 牛肉炒凤梨的做法步骤:2 3

    Put a container to put a salt 1/2 spoon, stir well in an appropriate amount of water, add pineapple block, soak About 1 minute, pick up a little rinse and filter water.

  • 牛肉炒凤梨的做法步骤:3 4

    Fry the beef to the five mature and set it up for later use.

  • 牛肉炒凤梨的做法步骤:4 5

    Grow the hot fire, put the pan oil at the bottom of the pot, add ginger slices, onion shreds and chili shreds.

  • 牛肉炒凤梨的做法步骤:5 6

    Pour on onion, red pepper and small orange pepper, a little bit.

  • 牛肉炒凤梨的做法步骤:6 7

    Pour in beef and pineapple, cook 1/2 spoon of salt, 1/4 spoon of white sugar, 1/3 spoon of pepper, quickly pocket, out of the pan.

  • Tips

  • 1. Soaking pineapple or pineapple with salt water can avoid itching. 牛肉炒凤梨的做法步骤:7 2. There is no salt or soy sauce when pickled beef, but put salt with vegetables when fried, so that the saltiness of the dishes is more average.

    3. The spoon, spoon and measuring cups used in any food and other foods such as cooking and baking uses international quantities. It is not the spoons and cups used by we usually adjust drinks and restaurants at home or restaurants.