How to make beef fried noodles_How to make beef fried noodles


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]


    Pound and a half pounds

  • Beef 200 grams
  • Green pepper Two two
  • Red Pepper A
  • Tudou
  • Celery

  • Four or five roots [123 ] garlic seedlings
  • One

  • Onion
  • One

  • two petals
  • Ginger A moderate amount
  • Onion Half
  • Tomatoes
  • [ 123] Auxiliary materials
  • Raw soy sauce

A moderate amount

Old soy sauce

A moderate amount

salt [ 123] A moderate amount

  • Pepper noodles A moderate amount
  • Shisanxiang

  • A small amount Chicken Essence
  • A small amount

  • ] Spicy Noodles
  • A moderate amount

  • Tomato sauce
  • A moderate amount

  • MSG
  • ]
  • Salted fresh flavor Fried process

Three -person clock time consumption

Simple difficulty

[ 123]

    The method of fried noodles in beef

  • 1
  • reconciled, wake up for a while and then rub it [ 123]

  • 2
    Wash all the dishes for later use! 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:1

  • 3
    After waking up for ten minutes, knead into a smooth dough and wake up for a while! Intersection 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:2

  • 4
    All the dishes are cut off牛肉炒面的做法步骤:3

  • 5
    Borrowing the noodles to press the noodles and cut it short! Intersection Intersection 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:4

  • 6
    Pour oil in the pan and heat it, add ginger and minced garlic to the flavor, and put the beef! Intersection ((Another pot boiled noodles)) 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:5

  • 7

  • After the bee , Lao Suo, salt, pepper noodles, chicken essence, MSG! (This will only put the amount of beef fried beef,)


    Slightly stir -fry with spicy noodles, celery, potatoes, potatoes Fry for about a minute, add raw soy sauce, peppercorns noodles (the peppercorns in the seasoning shop, no one can not be added), thirteen incense, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence continues to fry for two minutes! Intersection Intersection Intersection (This will put the seasoning at one time, and there is no need to add any seasoning drops in the noodles.)

  • 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:7

    Seasoning fry After evenly, add tomato and stir -fry the tomato sauce for a minute (fried the juice of tomato)

  • 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:8


    Finally, let the green red red Stir -fry the pepper, onion, garlic seedlings and green onions! Intersection Intersection

  • 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:9


    After the dishes are fried, add some noodle soup with noodles (so that the fried noodles are sticky and delicious )! Intersection Intersection

  • 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:10


    The noodles in another pot are also cooked

  • ] 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:11

    Put the noodles into the stir -fried pot, and put the old pumping on the noodles! Intersection Intersection (Don’t have cold water, the noodles have the taste!)

  • 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:12

    After adding the noodles 😁

  • 牛肉炒面的做法步骤:13


    The finished map


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