How to make beef fried bean -fried bean horns


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\”It has been in Shanghai for eight years. Accelerate, dinner can be simple, only the weekend is relatively free and leisure. At this moment, I miss the slow life of parents. But the income in my hometown is really far away. There are only big cities in the local area. \”
ingredients details
  • Bean horns A moderate amount ]
  • Beef 350 grams
  • Onion A moderate amount
  • Ginger

  • A moderate amount Garlic
  • A moderate amount

Auxiliary materials

corn oil

10 ml


    [ 123]

  • Salt A little
  • Starch A moderate amount
  • Swear

  • A moderate amount
  • [123 ]
  • Light flavor

Fried process

Timmer time

  • Ordinary difficulty
  • Steps of beef fried bean horns

    Simple combination, looking at it. After working for a day, make a nutritious dinner dish.

  • 牛肉炒豆角的做法步骤:1


  • I recently purchased some glass tableware. Good photos.

  • 牛肉炒豆角的做法步骤:2

  • finished map.

  • 牛肉炒豆角的做法步骤:3


  • Bean horns are cut off, cut onion ginger and garlic, beef, starch, salt, raw soy sauce, spare back, set aside Essence

  • 牛肉炒豆角的做法步骤:4


  • Heat the pan, pour corn oil and stir -fry beef until five mature.

  • 牛肉炒豆角的做法步骤:5


  • Another pot, pour a little corn oil, stir -fry the beans, the bean horns are more difficult to cooked, pour in into A little boiling water, you need to lid the pot and simmer 10 minutes, a small heat, add a little salt.

  • 牛肉炒豆角的做法步骤:6


  • Pour in beef and stir fry for a while, stir fry and go out the pan evenly.

  • 牛肉炒豆角的做法步骤:7


  • Enter the disc, which can be used slowly.Tonight two amaranths, a green vegetable can be cooked.

  • 牛肉炒豆角的做法步骤:8

    Bean horns need to be simmered for a while, and the beef is salted with salt and stir -fry.