How to make beef carrot buns


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]



  • High tendon flour 250g
  • yeast 2-3g
  • Beef 250g
  • Carrot
  • Auxiliary material [123 ]


A moderate amount



  • Ginger Affairs [ 123]
  • Original flavor

The method of beef carrot buns


  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:1 1

    140g of water, 250g of high-gluten flour, 2-3g yeast, put in order in order, start and noodles+hair+hair Facial program.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:2 2

    Preparing the filling. Cut the green onion ginger, beef beef, the carrot peels and rub it.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:3 3

    Add onion ginger, sugar, white pepper, raw soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt , Stir in one direction.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:4 4

    Add at least 250g of water in portion. If there is a broth, it is the best. If not, add water, add it in step, stir up. If you do n’t add water, the meat filling is not easy to say. The steamed stuffing is still a dead ball of meat.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:5 5

    Add carrot silk.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:6 6

    Stir well.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:7 7

    Send a good noodles and take it out. Yeast hair surface, generally does not use alkaline water to neutralize.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:8 8

    Rubbing, cutting agent, rolling skin.Remember, don’t roll too thin, have thickness.Roll it thin and it is easy to collapse.There are pictures in the subsequent failure case.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:9 9

    Loose, pinch your mouth.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:10 10

    Cool water drawers, 20-25 minutes.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:11 11

    Out of the pot.White fat meat buns.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:12 12

    Failure case: This is the skin of the skin.In the pot, he was also fat and fat, and immediately shrank.Because it is a meat filling, there is oil inside, the skin is too thin, and after the oil, there is no energy.

  • 牛肉胡萝卜包子的做法步骤:13 13

    Failure case: This is the suggestion of listening to the elderly.Old people usually use old faces, which is easy to sour.And use yeast to make noodles, basically not sour, no need to add alkali.


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