How to make a soft noodle Xiaolongbao


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ingredients details



  • 500g
  • 清水

  • 300g
  • 酵母

  • 3g[123 ] Soda
  • 2g



A moderate amount

  • celery A moderate amount
  • Pasting


A moderate amount


    A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount
  • pepper powder A moderate amount
  • Swear Affairs
  • Oyster sauce Affairs
  • Edit oil

  • A moderate amount
  • cooking wine

  • Affairs
  • Salted fresh flavor
  • steaming process
  • Difficulty of God

The method of the soft noodles Xiaolongbao

  • 1
  • 300g of flour+300g of water+3g of yeast mixed evenly, stir more to the upper strength. Cover the plastic wrap, refrigerate and fermented in the refrigerator.

  • 2 软面小笼包的做法步骤:1 Pork into meat filling, add salt, thirteen incense, pepper, cooking wine, raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce, oyster sauce , Add edible oil to mix well. Put in some chicken soup or water, stir in one direction sticky. Add the onion flowers, keep the plastic wrap, and refrigerate the refrigerator.

  • 3 软面小笼包的做法步骤:2 The next day, the soft surface was fermented into a bunch of small bubbles, and chopsticks were stirred and exhausted.

  • 4 软面小笼包的做法步骤:3 After the celery celery is simmered, over -cold water, dry the water. Cut into small pieces.

  • 5 软面小笼包的做法步骤:4 Put the meat filling in the celery and add a small amount of salt. Remember not to add too much, the salt in the meat has been added last night, just add the salt needed for vegetables.

  • 6 软面小笼包的做法步骤:5 After stirring, you can put less sesame oil.

  • 7 软面小笼包的做法步骤:6 Add 200g white surface to the batter, 2G baking soda.

  • 8 软面小笼包的做法步骤:7 Knead into a soft dough.

  • 9 软面小笼包的做法步骤:8 Sorted into about 15g of each noodle, roll it into a skin, wrap it in the filling.

  • 10 软面小笼包的做法步骤:9 State 20 minutes twice. Steam on the cold water pan, turn to medium heat after the water is boiled, and steam for about 18 minutes.

  • 11 软面小笼包的做法步骤:10 After steaming, the lid is simmer for two minutes, and the pan will be released after two minutes.

  • 12 软面小笼包的做法步骤:11 You can see that the face is very soft.


  • Broken thoughts: The buns steamed in my proportion are hardly visible It is soft enough, so the proportion of water is large. If the folds look good, the final proportion of flour and water remains at 2: 1. The proportion I use here is 5: 3.


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