How to make a hamburger

\”Children who have never loved western -style breakfast have frequently demanded sandwiches and burgers. They must meet the requirements. On the first day, they made a simple sandwich. The sandwich of the meat. Promise to make a sandwich or hamburger with meat. For the health of children and family members, meat foods rarely buy mature products. Generally, they buy fresh meat and come back to process them. Forgot to take out frozen meat from the refrigerator at night. When you make breakfast in the morning, you can not deal with it. You can only fried eggs with lettuce.
I have the last experience. It is very convenient to deal with it. \”

ingredients details
  • Milk 160g
  • White granulated sugar 40g
  • Egg 1
  • salt
  • High tendon flour

  • 350g
  • Yeast

  • 3g
  • 35g

  • White Sesame [ 123] A moderate amount
  • Auxiliary material



  • ] White Cruise A little
  • cooking wine Half a spoon
  • butter

  • A little Edible oil
  • A little

  • Swear
  • 1 spoon

  • salt
  • A moderate amount

  • Black pepper powder A moderate amount
  • Letter 2 tablets



  • Taste
  • Baking process
  • A few hours takes time

The method of hamburger bag


  • [
    [汉堡包的做法步骤:1 123]

  • 1

  • Put milk, eggs, white sugar, salt, high gluten flour, yeast, etc. The noodle program of the bread machine, add 35g of butter softened after two times, and start the bread machine again and knead until the expansion levelDuan

  • 2

  • The rubbing dough is fermented for about 1 hour at normal temperature, about 2 to 3 times the size [123 123 [123 ]


  • After the fermented dough is placed on the table board, it is divided into 8 equal parts on average, and the roll is rounded up 15. At about minutes

  • 汉堡包的做法步骤:4


  • Round the dough again, put it in the hamburger bag for about 45 minutes at room temperature

  • [
    123] 汉堡包的做法步骤:5


  • After the fermentation of the hamburger is completed, a little egg liquid is brushed on the surface

  • 汉堡包的做法步骤:6

    [ 123]


    Sprinkle with a little white sesame

  • 汉堡包的做法步骤:7


    Put 165 degrees pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -pre -in -law The upper and upper and lower fires of the hot oven are baked for about 25 minutes, and the grilled mesh is cool

  • 汉堡包的做法步骤:8 8

    Beef is chopped into a very delicate meat filling bowl and adds condiments such as white sugar, cooking wine, raw soy sauce.

  • 9 [ 123] Add salt, black pepper powder, edible oil, etc. Mix well for about 5 ~ 10 minutes 汉堡包的做法步骤:9


  • Electric cakes Add the butter to the dump, divide the beef filling into a second part, take one of the parts into thin slices, add it in the electric biscuits and slowly fry until cooked, turn it in the middle. Fry on the dang.

  • 汉堡包的做法步骤:10


  • Hamburg bag from the middle is two, add lettuce, fried steak, lettuce, eggs, and then Cover the other half of the burger bag to complete the production

  • 汉堡包的做法步骤:11

    1. The amount of milk is different according to the water absorption of the flour, flexibly adjustment

    2. The oven, the oven, The temperature and roasting time, flexibly adjust according to the actual situation

  • 3. The amount of 2 people is prepared for beef

4. The amount of black pepper powder is sufficient, and the beef is enough