How to learn from Mapo Tofu_Mapo Tofu Technology?_How to make Mapo Tofu


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\”Mapo Tofu is a typical famous dish of Sichuan cuisine, Although simple and easy to make, to achieve \”hemp, spicy, hot, crispy, tender\”, the standards of color and fragrance are still a little bit particular in the production process. \”

ingredients details

Main ingredients

  • Tender tofu 500g

Auxiliary material [123 ]


    Cut 20g

  • Water starch 10g
  • [
  • [

123] Seasoning

Douban sauce


  • salt 2g
  • dry red pepper Broken

  • 5g
  • garlic

  • 3g
  • Ginger

  • pepper powder
  • 2g [123 ]

  • Soy sauce 3g
  • Sugar
  • Spicy flavor [ 123]

  • Burning process Ten minutes takes time

Simple difficulty

The practice of Mapo tofu

  • [ 123]
  • 1

  • , add a little vegetable oil to the pot, heat the heat, add the bean sauce, salt, dried red peppers, green garlic, ginger, pepper, pepper Fan and minced beef, can also marinate the beef with minced beef and add it with the above seasonings. Fry.

  • Add the tofu cut into small pieces. Change a low heat and boil.

  • 3

  • After the tofu is cooked, change the fire and add the tadpole juice adjusted from water starch, sugar, wine, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce Essence After the sauce is attached average, turn off the heat and get the pan.

  • 4

  • Sprinkle with flower pepper noodles, fragrant, Sichuan -like Mapo tofu on the table!


  • Mapo Tofu is a typical famous dish of Sichuan cuisine. Although it is easy to make, it is necessary to achieve \”hemp, spicy, hot, crispy, tender\”, and the standards of color and fragrance are still a little particular during the production process:

  • 1. The preliminary treatment of tofu is important.The tofu pieces must be soaked in boiling salt water, and the water temperature should be kept at about 70 ° C to ensure the tender tofu and effectively remove the smell of gypsum and bean. It is frustrated and corner during the firing process.
    2. Stir -fry the minced meat until the fragrant, one by one, a grain, and crispy entrance.After the tofu is incorporated into the pot, it should be stirred and kept in a complete shape.

    3. Two \”2 minutes\” twice \”thickening\” is important.Do \”Mapo Tofu\”, furnish tofu for 2 minutes first, tofu tofu after taste, put it in minced meat, then burn 2 minutes and once again, two \”2 minutes\” twice \”\”Sticky\”, the burning taste is extraordinary


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