How to grill with pork corn kernels with pork and corn kernels ~ How to make pork corn kernels_ grilled fish slices with pork corn grains

烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法

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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]

Fish films

    2 pieces

  • Pork
  • corn particles 1 Article
Cooking wine

1 piece

  • Salt 1.5 spoon
  • Barbecue powder 1 spoon
  • Cuminum powder

  • 0.4 spoon black pepper Fan
  • 0.6 spoon

  • Oil
  • 1.5 spoon

  • Salted sweet flavor
  • ] Baking process
  • Half an hour time takes time
  • Simple difficulty
  • The practice of grilled fish slices with pork corn kernels

[ 123]

  • 1 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:1 Two slices of frozen fish fillets ~ soak with cold water and thaw ~


  • 2 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:2 Pork cut into one piece

  • 3
    Use one with one Spoon of cooking wine, half a spoonful of salt and half a spoonful of oil 0.4 spoon cumin powder marinated 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:3

  • 4

  • I use frozen corn to thaw so
    烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:4

  • 5

  • Heat the non -stick pan and fry it with medium heat. 123]
    烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:5

    Frying until all sides become white, you do n’t need to be cooked

  • 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:6

    also stir -fry the corn

  • 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:7
    Pick it up

  • 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:8


    Pickled with a spoonful of salt in the fish fillet

  • 10 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:9 First frying this does not need much time to bake it. Oh ~ When you fry, add some oil

  • 11 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:10 Fry up and pick it up.

  • 12 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:11 Wrap the grill with tin foil and lay fish slices of corn grain It’s easy to cooked like this.

  • 13 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:12 Pay it up to sprinkle an appropriate amount of barbecue powder and black pepper powder ~



  • 14 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:13 Electric oven 350 degrees preheated for three to five minutes, bake them in three hundred minutes for three minutes, take it out and bake Essence

  • 15 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:14 Test six minutes to about ten minutes.

  • 16
    Follow the good meal ~ hee hee ~ 烤鱼片~ 配猪肉玉米粒的做法步骤:15
    [ 123] Tips

    If you are afraid of fish flakes, you can add green onions and garlic ~ Because I do n’t have much food, I can get the flavor of the next point.


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