How to do the Practice of the Park Reure in Italian


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ingredients details

Main ingredients [123 ]

Italian screw surface


  • Tomato 300g
  • shiitake mushroom 100g [123 ]
  • prawns

  • 300g Beef
  • 100g

  • Onion 100g
  • Accessories

olive oil



  • ] Seated oil 10ml
  • Old Pump 20ml
  • Sugar 10g

Salted and sweet flavor

Other processes

    Time time takes time

  • Simple difficulty
  • Step of the Method of the Prak Robe


Tomato hot diced cut, shiitake mushrooms, onions, beef cuts small cuts, small beef cuts small Ding plus starch and salt, the old soy sauce is a little pickled for 5 minutes

  • 2

    Screw surface hot water pot, more water, boil 6 minutes, remove

  • 3

    Put olive oil in the pot to heat, add the onion diced, stir -fry the shiitake mushrooms, add beef Ding Ding San, add tomatoes and fried soup, tomatoes become paste, add shrimp, add 2 spoons of salt, 2 spoons of sugar, stir well

  • [ 123] 4

    Add the cooked screw surface and stir -fry evenly. The sweet and sour soup is evenly wrapped on the noodles. The side dishes are rich, and the baby loves it. Remember to prepare a good -looking plate.

  • Tips

    Beef tastes better than pork, beef foam pickled juice


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