How to do the practice of a bumper harvest in the Northeast University

\”This is a typical Northeast farmhouse dish. It is now a famous dish in the Northeast. Northerners like stew, especially in autumn, all kinds of fruits are mature, and they are matched with them, full of big harvests, so this is The name of the Dao cuisine is also very nice. [Northeast Great Harvest] shows that farmers’ hard work for a year in exchange for the fruitful results of autumn. It also has a name called random stew, and it is a pan -stew, which is called a fragrant. \”

The details of the ingredients
The main ingredients

[ 123]


  • 2
  • Tudou

  • Beef
  • 150g

  • [ 123] Bean Jiao Affairs
  • Auxiliary material



[ 123]

Wuxiang Powder


  • Swear
  • A moderate amount

  • cooking wine A moderate amount
  • Onion onion A moderate amount
  • Starch A moderate amount
  • Homemade soy sauce A moderate amount
  • [ 123]
  • Sauce flavor

  • Stewing process
  • Time time takes time

Ordinary difficulty

    Practice step

  • 1

Bean horns hoe to wash the tail. Little potatoes are scraped off the epidermis with a spatula. This potatoes are red potatoes, special noodles, but the output is low, and the northern market is rare. It is a red potatoes planted by my sister.

  • 东北大丰收的做法步骤:1 2

    This is the cooked tender corn cut into a section, and it can also be cut into the same tender corn. Duaner.

  • 东北大丰收的做法步骤:2 3

    Beef slices, cooking wine, soy sauce and starch for 10 minutes. Add an appropriate amount of oil, stir -up and spiced powder, add beef high heat and stir fry.

  • 东北大丰收的做法步骤:3 4

    Add potatoes and beans and stir -fry, stir -fry the beans to softened.

  • 东北大丰收的做法步骤:4 5

    Add 1 tablespoon of homemade soybean sauce, stir -fry the flavor, without soybean sauce, you can use salt and raw soy sauce when you are out of the pan.

  • 东北大丰收的做法步骤:5 6

    Add an appropriate amount of water, add the corn section to boil, and simmer for about 10 minutes over medium heat.If the raw tender corn should be added with more water, the stewing time is relatively longer, and the corn is better to stew.

  • 东北大丰收的做法步骤:6 7

    Harvest juice, stewed a big harvest.

  • 东北大丰收的做法步骤:7 8

    Put out of the pan.

  • Tips

  • 1. The big harvest of the Northeast, which is not strict with ingredients, can be saved, usually pork ribs, beans, corn and potatoes as are as aspirations.The main ingredients, one or two more ingredients can also be, remove the pork ribs, it is a large harvest.东北大丰收的做法步骤:8 2. Corn can be raw corn or cooked corn. If you use raw tender corn to add more water, the stewing time is relatively long, and the corn is cooked.People like to stew with sauce, and season with salt and soy sauce without sauce.