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Square herbal plants. Bai white mainly contains protein, fat, sugar, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, trace carotene, and minerals. It can reduce blood pressure, suitable for high blood pressure, jaundice hepatitis, lack of postpartum milk, and lack of milk milk, and lack of milk milk, and lack of milk milk and milk lack of milk and milk lack of milk. People who are poisonous in alcohol, but people with stones with urinary systems should not consume frequently; people who usually avoid the spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea. \”

ingredient details

[123 ] Main ingredients

    茭 [

  • 150g Pork
  • 150g

  • [ 123]

Auxiliary materials


  • Maternal Quality
  • Chicken Fan

  • A moderate amount
  • Onion

  • A moderate amount
  • A moderate amount

  • garlic A moderate amount
  • Pepper Affairs
  • Pepper A moderate amount
  • Oyster sauce A moderate amount
  • sesame oil [ 123] A moderate amount

  • Salted fresh flavor
  • Stir -fried process

  • Time time takes time [123 ] Ordinary difficulty

The method of frying white and white

  • 1 [123 ] Prepare ingredients


The cut meat is marinated with cooking wine and chicken powder.

  • 炒茭白的做法步骤:1

    White slice ]


  • Oil heat, stir -fry the meat slices until discolored.

  • 炒茭白的做法步骤:2


  • Put the onion ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, pepper, etc. Fried flavor

  • 炒茭白的做法步骤:3


    Put oyster sauce

  • 炒茭白的做法步骤:4

    Put white white, salt and cooked


  • 炒茭白的做法步骤:5


    Put chicken powder and sesame oil before the pan

  • Tips

  • Bai white contains more oxalic acid, and its calcium is not easy to be absorbed by the human body. Before doing it, use boiling water to simmer the oxalic acid.炒茭白的做法步骤:6


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