How to do the method of lazy version of curry potato stewed burdock stewing burdock


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ingredients details

Main ingredients


  • Curry 100g
  • Sugar

  • 5g Cooking wine
  • 5ml

Curry flavor

    Stewing process

  • A few hours of time Simple difficulty
  • The method of stewing the lazy version of curry potato stewed burdock stew


Cut the beef into pieces, soak the blood in the water, cut the potatoes, and sliced the ginger and garlic slices.

  • 2
  • Put beef, potatoes, ginger, garlic, add an appropriate amount of water together.

  • 3 咖喱土豆炖牛腩的做法步骤:1 Waiting for bubbling in the pot, adding cooking wine, sugar.Continue to simmer for 2 hours, put the whole curry, and then stew for another 2 hours.Out of the pan ~


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