How to do taro chicken

\”I bought a chicken yesterday, half of them, and the other half planned to salt. When I was preparing to peel the taro, I found that the taro at home was only three small, so I did not do it. Big sweet potato (a kind of potato similar to Huaishan, purple and white). Maybe I haven’t bought chickens for a while, because I usually bought it directly in the village. Recently, they did not find a selling. Yesterday, I saw acquaintances. If you raise your own family, you can buy one after preparing to sell it in winter, and you can buy one. Main ingredients


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  • Ginger Several tablets


A moderate amount


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  • Oil Affairs
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  • Swear

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Old Pump


  • Oyster sauce
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  • Rock Sugar

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Salted and fresh flavor
Swing crafts

  • A consumer time
    芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:1 ordinary difficulty

  • 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:2

    ] Practice of taro chicken

  • 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:3 1

    Chicken chopped.

  • 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:4 2

    Prepare a few slices of ginger.

  • 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:5 3

    Prepare some shallots.

  • 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:6 4

    Taro big potatoes to cut the skin and cut into pieces. It is best to bring gloves to prevent allergies.

  • 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:7 5

    Put the oil in the hot pot.

  • 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:8 6

    Pour in the chicken and stir -fry.

  • 7 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:9 Add some saltRaw soy sauce, stir -fry a few rock sugar.

  • 8 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:10 Add an appropriate amount of water (preferably hot water), slowly simmer after boiling.

  • 9 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:11 The chicken is almost rotten and add taro.

  • 10 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:12 Add big potatoes and continue to simmer.Carefully turn down during the period.

  • 11 芋头焖鸡的做法步骤:13 Simp the taro big potato cooked, collect the juice, add some oyster sauce and shallots.

12 Pour evenly. 13 The old tile oyster sauce used is easy to use and particularly delicious.


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