How to do saffron abalone chicken soup

\”Tibetan saffron is the main condiments of Arab and Indian cooking, or the basic ingredients of thick fish soup and Spanish meat and rice. Salt should not be used too much. When cooked with butter or oil, the temperature should not be too high. Put the saffron to the heat. About 15 minutes in the liquid (liquid required on the recipe), which can make the color of the saffron more well -proportioned. The saffron is also used to color poultry, seafood and fish. The saffron is the basic raw material; the saffron is not only the role of spices, but also can be relieved;

Main material


A moderate amount


  • Half [ 123] Tibetan red flower
  • A moderate amount

  • Auxiliary material

Red dates

A moderate amount [appropriate quantity 123]

  • salt A moderate amount

Original flavor

    Boiling process

  • A few hours of time Simple difficulty

Tibetan saffron The practice of abalone chicken soup

  • 1
  • Chicken half, peel and wash quickly, simmer the water, put in input Boil the casserole.


  • Put the washed abalone shell after boiling. The abalone shell has the purpose of clearing the liver and clearing, do not throw it.

  • 3

  • Add abalone after half an hour of fire.

  • 4

  • Add red dates for half an hour.

  • 5

  • Finally put it in a red flower pot for 15 minutes.

  • 6

  • Add the salt to the pot. Jin Chancan’s pot of soup is super delicious.


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