How to do radish tomato burdock soup


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[Autumn is here, big radish is to sing home, It is said that eating radish in winter and ginger, everyone said that, then it ’s correct. Big radish can achieve the same level at the same time. It is important to counterattack with who to match. After eating high, adults eat to make up for the body. Let’s learn together. This dish is inspired by Russian cans and Chinese beef and radish soup.

The details of the ingredients
Main ingredients

Green radish

A moderate amount

  • Carrot A moderate amount
  • Beef A moderate amount
  • Auxiliary materials





  • Half
  • Tomato 1
  • Onion Half
  • Scallion A little
  • Tomato sauce

  • 5 spoon ]
  • Nickname

  • 5g
  • cooking wine

  • 5g
  • 10 pieces

  • octagonal
  • 123] 2

  • Ginger
  • A moderate amount

  • A moderate amount
  • Original flavor Unknown difficulty
  • The practice of radish tomato burdock soup
  • 1

  • Prior to the protagonist’s counterattack

  • The second male is the cinnabar mole in my heart. The steak from the grassland is good one day in advance, and the fragrant fragrance is fragrant. Beef must be selected, with a little tendon and brain.

  • 3

  • Other supporting roles are worthy of the face value, whether it is colorful, and the nutrition is complementary. This is complementary. This is complementary.The lively troubles must be opened in a group. Block, the first wave, add garlic cloves and fresh ginger slices. Add the peppercorns to add the peppercorns, you can also add the stewed material bag. I bought a bag when I made this dish, with the flavor of Chinese medicine, but I couldn’t buy it.

  • 5

  • The original soup of boiling beef is boiled, the secret accessories appear, the tomato sauce must be put more, but it can be based on The taste is fixed.

  • 6

  • The ingredients in the pot are boiled on the high heat, simmering on low heat to eight cooked green pepper tomatoes and the face value and the face value and the face value of the face value and the face value of the face value and the face value of the face value and the face value of the face value. Onion.

  • 7

  • The last wave of ingredients will be cooked for a few minutes and immediately leave the pot. After a long time, the color is not good. When I am out of the pot, drizzle a few drops of sesame oil, stir -up, and grasp the amount. The dinner of the thousands of cakes of the semethyst onion is beautiful. The heart is warm.

    All condiments are added according to the taste of various people. Oil. The family version can be omitted.


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