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[private recipes ー ー ー ー [[[white radish Ye

Winter is the season of white radish, all kinds of white radish. I heard that \”eating ginger in summer, eating radish in winter\” I have no concept of giving up, I only know that every winter is in the supermarket You will buy white radish with leaves for cooking. Especially love to eat white radish leaves, without it as if it is less. Food friends slowly share! \”

ingredients details


  • 100g
  • White radish leave ] Garlic Mince

  • Affairs
  • Dry Pepper


  • Salt Affairs
  • Black Peppole Powder Affairs

Soy sauce


Rice wine

A moderate amount

  • Starch A moderate amount
  • Olive oil A moderate amount
  • Chicken oil A moderate amount [ 123]
  • Stir -fried process
  • Three -person clock time consumption

  • Simple difficulty
  • The practice of the white radish leaves of the dried pan

  • 1: Pork slices.


2: Put the pork in a spare mixer.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:1


    3: Cover the lid, use the hand to press on the lid, and press it twice or three times.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:2 4

    4: Stir the meat, pick up the mixing plate, and then gently attach the split shovel to the grinder of the mixing knife, and dial off the spare colander bowl.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:3 5

    5: Then push the meat in the stirring plate to the spare colander bowl.

  • 6 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:4 6: Add salt, black pepper (or white pepper), soy sauce, rice wine, then use it to use The shovel is stirred evenly.

  • 7 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:5 7: After the seasoning is stirred evenly, add starch.

  • 8 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:6 8: Use a shovel to stir starch evenly (do not have powder residues, if you feel a bit dry, Add a little rice wine or water) and put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

  • 9 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:7 9: Take off the part of the yellow leaves of the white radish leaf and cut off the white radish.

  • 10 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:8 10: This is the part of the white radish and yellow leaves. (Tihe Huangye is dumped and not used)

  • 11
    11: The handled white radish leaf stalk. 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:9

  • 12
    12: Then cut the white radish leaf into half (convenient cleaning). (Above the picture is stalks and leaves, and the lower side of the figure is also the stalk and the leaves (the leaves are lush)) 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:10

  • 13

  • 13: Prepare the conditioning bowl, clean the white radish leaf stalks, see if there are yellow leaves, and then pick the yellow leaves clean. (Two almost two, three times)


  • 14: After washing, adjust the bowl and clean water , Soak slightly.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:12


  • 15: Put the white radish leaf stalk immersed in the water and put it in a bowl with a bosom. Just do it.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:13


  • 16: After draining, put only the upper half of the white radish leaves and the stalk (step 12) on the prepared cutting board, and cut into small ding into almost 0.3 – 0.5 cm. (The knife is not good, please see cool)

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:14

    17: Then the cut white radish leaves and sink , Put it in a spare conditioning bowl.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:15

    18: White radish leaves and stalks in the remaining lower half (step 12) After draining, put it on the cutting board and cut it to 0.3-0.5 cm.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:16

    19: After cutting, the movement board is 90 degrees (about 90 degrees).

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:17

    20: cut into 0.3-0.5 cm, the leaves can become a small block.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:18


    21: Then put the cut white radish leaves and stalks in the white radish before (step 17). The conditioning bowl of the leaves and stalks can be.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:19


    22: Sprinkle with a little salt.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:20


    23: Then use your hand to mix white radish leaves and stalks with a slight average.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:21 24

    24: After 10 minutes of marinating


  • 123]

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:22 25

    25: Prepare the iron pot and add water (using other pots can be used, (the following steps 25, 26, 27, only for reference, your own experience talks) [) [) [Talk about your own experience)) [ 123]

  • 26 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:23 26: With medium and medium heat, the water can turn off.

  • 27 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:24 27: Use a paper towel to dry the moisture of the iron pot to set aside.

  • 28
    28: Cold pot hot oil. 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:25

  • 29
    29: Pour the minced meat in and stir fry over medium heat. 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:26

  • 30
    30: Stir -fry the minced meat to seven, eight cooked. 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:27

  • 31
    31: Cut the spare garlic into minced garlic (half of the weight) into the pot. 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:28

  • 32

  • 32: Stir fry over medium heat.

  • 33

  • 33: Gently squeeze the spare white radish leaves and stalks In the pot. (No squeeze is okay, there are some water existence, just separate vegetables and water)


  • 34 : The water of white radish leaves and stalks is not used.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:31


  • 35: Cut the spare dried chili pepper into a slope, add it to the pot (half of the weight), and medium in China Fry evenly.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:32


  • 36: Stir -fry evenly and set aside.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:33


  • 37: Backcase, pour chicken oil.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:34


  • 38: Add the remaining half of the minced garlic and dried peppers, and dry it with low heat.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:35


  • 39: After the chicken oil, garlic, and dried pepper in the pot rang.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:36


    40: Then pour the white radish leaves that have just been fried.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:37


    41: Then use medium and small fire (or small fire), and stir frying a little faster.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:38


    42: Stir fry until the taste.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:39

    43: finished picture

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:40

    44: finished picture.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:41


    45: finished picture.

  • 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:42 46

    46: finished picture.

  • 47 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:43 47: finished picture.

  • 48
    48: finished picture. 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:44


  • After the words:

  • 1: The pork is thin, and the fat ginseng can also be used.
    干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:45 2: If you feel not heavy enough, add salt or soy sauce to the step (33). (My own home is light flavor)
    3: As for step 25, 26, 27, the processing method before using the iron pot, and then wait for the pot to be cold,

    Then again Washing this iron pot is relatively long.

  • After washing, it was also used in step 25, 26, 27, and then dried and put away.

  • 4: As for making a dry pot, you can use other pots. 干锅肉末白萝卜叶的做法步骤:46


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